How We Got Back Home… I Chapter 1

So glad that you could make it.  Ready to be entertained??  Here goes…

If you went to my “About” page, then you will get some perspective as to “How We Got Back Home”.  Home for my husband and myself is Atlanta, Georgia.  However, after college I ended up taking a “very corporate” job (we will talk about this later) that was based in Virginia Beach, VA.  I have moved several times with this company, but for the most part, I lived in Virginia Beach.  My husband and I decided that it was in our best interest to live there once we were married. He was living in Atlanta and I had this “Awesome” career that was taking me to the next level (… them lies).  This was a struggle for the both of us.

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I knew that Chico did not want to leave Atlanta.  He had his own career, his friends, and his family.  Most people that are from Atlanta never want to leave, especially black people.  For some reason there is this epidemic of mindset that says “nothing is better than Atlanta”.  I call this the “285 Effect”.  I-285 is the highway that circles the outskirts of Atlanta.  You either live within I-285 or you live outside of I-285.  If you live outside of I-285, then you are considered, literally “Out of Town”.  So now Chico was being faced with the “285 Effect” and now he was going to be wayyy out of town.  Love really does conquer all.  He gave up his corporate real estate job and pursued real estate in Virginia, where he knew absolutely nothing about.  He really tried to convince me that I should return to Atlanta and I didn’t have to work.  I know you think I am crazy, but I was trying to bring something to the table.  I used to be a “gold digger” and now I was a “goal digger”.  Poor thing, he ended up leaving Atlanta anyway.

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Now this is where shit gets real….

About 5 or 6 months after we were married, my “very corporate job” was being eliminated.  I was among the other 3,000 employees that were being eliminated as well.  Now this man, that I just married, proceeded to remind me that moving to Atlanta was definitely the better choice and I had chosen different for us.  What the Fuck! So now, Chico is amped that we are going back to 285… Not so fast.

One of the main reasons why I did not come back to Atlanta after college was because it was hard as hell to find a job here.  Again, my daddy paid for that prestigious education from Hampton University and I’ll be damned if I did not use that education to support me after May 15, 2000.  I graduated on May 14, 2000, so you understand what I am dealing with.  Having said that, I suffered from “my daddy is going to kick my ass if I don’t have a job” syndrome.  So even though I am 37, married, living in a house with real bills, you best believe I still had “my daddy is going to kick my ass if I don’t have a job” syndrome.  I could not return to Atlanta/ 285 with nothing in place.  I understood what the costs were to move and I wasn’t spending unnecessary money on moving until we had something lined up where we going.

Unemployed, a good friend of mine (Arnisa George, you are everything!) told me that I should attend a conference with her and that I was sure to get a new job when I left.  She was right!  I attended the National Black MBA Association Conference in Orlando.  Prior to the conference I had to submit my resume and profile on their website and just like that I had 13 interviews with 13 different major corporations.   I was able to land another “very corporate job” with another company that was a part of the same industry as my previous.  This required us to move to Tampa, Florida.

On the bright side of things, Chico is from Cuban descent.  Most of his Cuban relatives live in Tampa, so this was a plus for Chico.  He was very familiar with the area and our relatives there mean the world to me.  They truly made life easier in Tampa.  The weather was awesome.  Baylor John thought we were living in paradise because we didn’t get any snow.  But what made it for me, was that I was going to work for a company that I had wanted to work for all of my life (later on you will find out more about my experience there, and believe me, it’s juicy.  Make sure you stay tuned for my job experiences).

One day while in a rush to work, I forgot my phone in the house.  I rush back home to get it before traffic became unbearable.  When I got in the driveway, I went to close the door to my car and slammed my thumb in it!!  Pain has never been my friend and it sure as hell wasn’t right at that moment.  I was bleeding and couldn’t move my thumb.  Urgent Care, here I come.  Got there, they put my thumb in a splint, gave me a technis shot, and sent me on my way.  Two days later, I wake up to a tennis ball sized lump under my arm.  At this point, Chico is insistent that I go to a real doctor.  We find a doctor and my thoughts were “I’m allergic to the shot they gave me”.  The doctor walked in, did my exam, ran a few tests, came back in the room and said:

“What is your history with Breast Cancer and Lymphoma?”  Really………

It gets better in “How We Got Back Home, Part II” .  Stay tuned.  Submit your email for updates and new postings.  Go to my Recipes From The Panty Hose link and make a Chocolate Cake!

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