How We Got Back Home V… Chapter 5

So Carol is still going on and on about her having to go to sleep because she has tests in the morning.  I tell her to go to sleep and she tells me that, that is a good idea.  Whoa!  The lights are out and everyone is somewhat going to their individual cots and laying down.  The interesting thing about prison, I’m sorry the “Doom Room”, is that you are monitored like a hawk.  Every 15 minutes, and I do mean every 15 minutes, you are being scanned.  So basically what they do is one orderly comes by with a clipboard and checks your name, time, and what you were doing at that time.  Then you have another orderly, who comes around and they actually have a scanner.  They scan your “hospital” bracelet.  This is done every 15 minutes.

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Now keep in mind that I have no idea as to what time it is at this point.  There are no clocks in the “Doom Room” or at least no clocks that stays on 12:00 the whole time.  As I “lay down”, I cry silently.  I am wondering what Chico is doing or thinking.  I want to go home and it feels like I am stuck.  I hate feeling this way.  After I get scanned, I look into the bag to see what John had given me earlier.  That small bag of snacks went a long way for me.  If I ever saw John in the streets again, I would be overwhelmed and I would try to do something extremely extravagant for him.  I start eating my little snacks and all of a sudden, I get caught.  Vontay is one of the “nurses” for the “Doom Room”.  Vontay and I are wearing the same nail polish and as I look at him, I am wondering where he gets his nails done, because I hadn’t found a good place yet.  Anyway, Vontay is coming around to scan bands.  He also has a blood pressure machine.  He finds that I am eating food, which is a “no-no” and he tells me that I am not allowed to eat during lights out.  I am looking confused and defeated.   But he doesn’t confiscate my snack bag.   He begins to take my blood pressure, the first time since I have been to this hospital.  Shaking my head.  He proceeds to say, “Had a rough day huh?”.  I tell him that he doesn’t know the half of it.  He tells me that my blood pressure is still high and he will monitor it throughout the night.

Just like clock work, here comes the orderly with the clipboard.  I don’t know his name and never found out.  He was disgusting.  He looked like shaving and washing his hair everyday would be too much to do.  He was overweight and his scrubs needed to be replaced.  Too many holes in too many of the wrong places.  This made me think that he should have had a cot too.  Instead of coming into work, he should just stay out hunting or mudding, or whatever he does.  He is constantly hitting his pen on the metal clip of the clipboard.  This drives me nuts and I am sure some of the others who have a deeper issue, it’s making things worse too.  I hide my snacks and he looks me up and down, tells me that I need to go to sleep.  I tell him that it is hard to go to sleep and stay asleep.  His response, “so you are a defiant feisty one”.  NO, I am just in the psyche ward for holiday.

I close my eyes and not five minutes later, I hear the rolling of metal on the linoleum floor.  It’s Vontay coming to taking my blood pressure again.  Now they want to monitor my blood pressure… Unbelievable.   As he is putting the cuff around my arm, he slides me a bottle of cranberry juice and a bag of pretzels.  He tells me to eat under the sheet.  He wishes that he had more for me, but he doesn’t.  As soon as Vontay hits the button on the blood pressure machine, we hear a huge crashing noise.  Everyone sits up.  Its another patient that is clearly frustrated.  He has taken his cot and slammed it against the wall.  Vontay leaves me with the cuff on and he goes to help restrain the man.  The man is yelling and screaming profanities.  He is doing what I wish that I could be doing right now too.  Huh, maybe this place isn’t so bad at all.  I am finding that my ass fits right in.    Vontay comes back to me and acts like that shit just didn’t happen.  He takes my blood pressure.  I thank him for the additional snack.  Then the metal sound on the linoleum starts again.  It is driving me crazy.  Throughout the night, this process repeats itself.

“Big Shirley” comes out and yells “Get UP!”.  As she is saying this, she is going around the room and shaking the cots of people who didn’t hear her loud ass the first time.  Now, I don’t know what “Big Shirley’s” job is, but the whole time I was there, she only told us to go to sleep and get up.  One the “nurses” asks her to help her with breakfast call and Big Shirley tells her “hell nah”.  The nurse does not argue or say anything to Big Shirley.  The nasty orderly comes up to her and she tells him not to ask her shit and she ain’t doing shit else.  She got to take her kids to school and then go back home to watch her show. Definitely a priority and definitely important.  I don’t blame her for watching “Cheaters” when she gets home from a long nights work.  If I was her, I would be wanting to see how to jack my man up too for cheating.  Vontay is packing up his things and is heading out.  As he is going to the matrix room, he gives me a wink and I give him a soft smile.  I really did appreciate him sneaking me some snacks as well.  He also found some Tylenol for my headache and so my blood pressure started to come down.

The young nurse comes to me and shows me which sink I have been assigned.  She gives me a toothbrush and the smallest bar of soap that I have ever seen.  I start walking towards the sink to “freshen up” and she is right on my heels.  I turn around and she instructs me to keep walking to the sink.  Her job at this point is to monitor me brushing my teeth and “washing up”.  She asks me if I would like to take a shower.  I look past her at the two stalls that are wide open and I tell her, “nah, I am ok for the day, maybe tomorrow”.  She takes some notes on her clip board.  Once I am done, she takes the soap, the toothbrush, and the toothpaste.  I just continue to shake my head.  I walk to the nurses station to ask one of the new shift orderlies if it would be okay to contact my husband.  I tell him that I haven’t been able to speak to him since being admitted.  He tells me that the phones are off and that they will turn them on later that morning.

In comes Deborah.  Deborah is that aunt that wears gold “diamond” rings on each finger.  She think she is sharp because everything she has on is red.  Her hair has been done for over a week, but it hasn’t moved since she left the shop.  She smiles as she walks in and to me, it looks like when the first lady at church comes in late and is touching everybody saying Hey!  She gets to me and says, oooh, you are new.  What’s your name?  I tell her Jacinta and she thinks it is the most fabulous name she has heard in a long time.  She walks off and gets a sheet of paper and a crayon and asks me to write my name and how I spell on the paper.   Ok….  Deborah announces that we are going to have a “Good and Happy” day today.  I doubt it.

Carol comes over and she is yet again, hyped up.  She is so excited about going to get these tests done.  She is just waiting for them to come and get her.  I don’t ask about the tests.  I am sitting at one of the tables with John.  Whatever John is doing, I am doing.  He says “good morning”.  I give the pleasantry back and thank him for what he did for me last night.  He says it was no problem at all.  He advised me that if I really wanted something to eat, to remove it from my tray as soon as I get it.  I should hide it in a newspaper.  Where in the hell am I?  Not too long “gross” orderly announces breakfast and everyone falls in line.  I get my tray, grab an apple juice and proceed to go back to the table where John is still reading the paper.  It’s almost like he has a strategy to this thing.  I ask him if he isn’t eating and he says “yes”.  I don’t go any further as to why he hasn’t gotten up yet.  I then start to notice that everyone was kind of wondering around the tray cart and not sitting down to eat.  John says, “watch this”.  “Gross” starts to announce that everyone standing should get in line.  They all fall into line and then it happens… Caffeinated Coffee is served!  Why?  They are pushing and running like they are crackheads.  I am amazed and while this is going on, John proceeds to get his breakfast tray, no standing in the line for him.   All of a sudden, my toast and bacon are swiped off my tray.  Felonious is up and at it again.  How am I getting shook for my breakfast?  John turns to me and give me a piece of toast and bacon.  He tells me, “you are going to have to learn to keep up”.  You ain’t lying!

Alright great people, hope you enjoyed today’s post.  Hope you are able to use the spaghetti recipe.

Stay tuned to see how Deborah polishes her open faced gold tooth and how I help Felonious find her own damn tray.


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