How We Got Back Home VII… Chapter 7

I wake up thinking that this is all just a dream.  I can tell by the headache and the number of beers that are on the nightstand, that it isn’t.  Baylor was what woke me up.  Jacinta is usually the one he goes to when he wants to go outside.  He is looking at me like I am crazy and where the hell is mom.  I throw on some sweats, get my phone, and head outside.

As I am walking Baylor, I notice that there are a ton of missed calls from Nicole.  Nicole is one of Jacinta’s roommates from college.  They are thick as thieves.  I didn’t even notice the phone ringing throughout the night.  After I spoke with Cint, I just felt defeated.  I am a private man.  I don’t like sharing my very personal business with anybody, including my family.  I didn’t know what to do or where to turn.  Jacinta on the other hand, has no filter.  She will tell anybody anything.  I look at the phone again and notice there are text messages from Nicole that are saying “hit me back ASAP”.  I look at Baylor who is looking up at me.  I know I am not walking him the same route as Jacinta.  I know he knows that something is wrong.  He wants his momma back and I want her back too.

I look at the phone again and say “fuck it”.  I hit the number for Nicole.


So I find out that the social worker that is letting me use his phone is Dwight.  Dwight has five kids, two from the streets and three with his wife.  They are all stair step children.  It looks like my boy was busy for seven years straight.  I call Chico and he is not answering.  You have got to be kidding me.  I try calling again.  I am not sure if Dwight is down for letting me text Chico.  I am already breaking another rule and this is Dwight’s job.  I call again and no answer.  I thank Dwight and he asks me when will I get to his taxes and I tell him to bring me his paperwork.  He says he will have everything for me to look at tomorrow.  The word “tomorrow” cuts me like a knife.  I am feeling sick and dizzy.  My headache has come back.  Am I really going to be here tomorrow?

Just then I hear my last name being called.  I look up hoping that I have made bail.  Yeah right, people in prison have more rights.  I begin to walk over to the man in the white coat.  I was then meeting up with the guy that threw the cot at the wall.  His first name is Daniel.  The doctor looks at the chart and says that he is looking for a Jacinta Daniel.  Daniel gets pissed, not at me, but the fact that they are not calling his name.  He runs his fingers through his dusty hair and you can tell that he hasn’t had a cigarette in weeks.  I follow the doctor into a room that I had not seen since I have been here.  It is as if this room had a secret door.  I am glad to see the doctor.   I tell him that I am not mentally unstable.  He tells me that I can tell the Psychiatrist that.  “So what kind of doctor are you?”  He tells me that he is a medical doctor and he and his nurse will be doing a physical on me.  Really?  I hope they figure out that I have the headache from hell, I have malnutrition because of the food in here, my blood pressure is on ten, I need a Xanax, and I want to go home.   Is there a pill that they can give me so that I can go home?  This makes me sad again and as he is instructing me to get ready for the exam, I feel defeated.

The nurse comes in and she starts putting those cold sticky circle things all over my chest and legs.  It is clear that I will be taking an EKG.  Once that is complete, the nurse asks me to pee in a cup.  It would be too much like right if the commode was in a closed space, so yes I am peeing wide open in the exam room.  Part of me is relieved.  I felt weird going to the bathroom in front of all of those people out there.  Plus, this commode seems as if it gets cleaned every few hours.  Great!  After my urine test, she draws blood for at least six tubes.  I have no idea what they are for.  Because I am a ward of the state, I have no say as to what they use my blood for or what tests they will perform.  I sit back on the exam table and the doctor proceeds to do his “physical”.  I am assuming that they are checking my arms and legs for track marks.  He goes on to telling me to open my mouth with that wooden stick.  He looks in both ears.  He asks me to stand up.  He asks me to bend over.  He asks me to squat.  He asks me to cough while I am squatting.  He tells me that I can get back on the exam table.  He takes a few notes on my chart.  I see my chart and I am horrified.  They have the mug shot picture of me at the top attached to a paperclip.   I swipe my hand over my face.   It looks like he is done with his examination.  I immediately asks him if he could help me.  He nor his nurse even bothered to take my blood pressure.  I tell him that this is why I came to the hospital in the first place.   He instructs the nurse to take my blood pressure and sure enough it is high.   The doctor writes some additional notes on my mug shot chart.  I tell him that I also have a headache and that I have had one since I have been here.  He has no clue as to when I got in here, so that point didn’t resonate.  The nurse tells me that I can put my scrubs back on and she escorts me back to the “Doom Room”

Chico:  Nicole, hey its Chico.

Nicole:  I know who the hell this is.  Where is Jacinta?  I have been blowing her phone up.  I even started blowing your phone up.  Why aren’t you two answering your phones?  Something has to be wrong if Cint is not answering her phone.

Nicole is my first roommate from college.  She has a strong New York accent.  When we were in college,  I was in awe of her.  Her mother and her boyfriend at that time came to drop her off.  As her mom and boyfriend were saying their goodbyes, Nicole tongue kisses her boyfriend, right in front of her momma.  That blew me away.  My dad is standing right there next to me giving me the “if you even think about some shit like that you will have your ass whooped” look. Say no more.  Either way, Nicole and I became inseparable.  She was the cool and collected one.  I was loud and gold digging one.  No matter what was going on in my life, Nicole made sure that I was ok.  She would reel me in when I got wide open.  She thought I was crazy when I told her that I was not going to class because it was snowing outside.  She put her Timbs and North Face coat on and she was out.  I thought she was crazy because she was about to get them Timbs wet.

Nicole is a very attractive woman.  She is about 5′ 7″ with beautiful golden skin.  She can rock just about any hairstyle and she changes it up on a regular.  At this point in the game, heels are a must, and they are always bloody.  Workflow gear is always on pointe.  It is like Olivia Pope on steroids.  All of my friends from Hampton were and are still beautiful.  All of them are very successful in their careers.  All of us have great husbands that understands our bond and puts up with whatever foolishness we have going on, definitely Ya Ya Sisterhood.  The thing that I love most about my crew is that each of us have a different flavor and everybody on the yard wanted to know what that flavor was about.  At Hampton, they called us “The Elite” and damn if we didn’t think it.  It was almost like TLC, crazy, sexy, cool.  The difference is that we had six chicks in one group.  If you saw one of us, you saw all of us.  If you didn’t see all of us, then we were waiting on the others to arrive.  We did everything together.  There was rarely a disagreement between us.  If there was, we would have a lemon squeeze and straightened it out.  Individually, each of us had a bond with each other.  It was a strong bond and till this day is still a very strong.  Outside of texting everyday on a group or individual text, we have a conference call once a month.  Once a year, we make it a point to get together.  This doesn’t include separate visits when the whole crew can’t get together.  What I know most is that if ever I or anyone of them blows the whistle, we will all come running no matter where we are in this world.  It is a full blown “Elite” situation and we are solving it.  Husbands and their thoughts, don’t count.

Chico:  Nicole, I just noticed that you have been calling.  I have Cint’s ….

Nicole:  You have Cint’s what?

Chico:  I have Cint’s phone….

Nicole:  Why do you have Cint’s phone?

At this point I am already online looking at flights leaving BWI and landing in Tampa TODAY!  I have no idea what is going on.  I just know from the sound of Chico’s voice and Cint not having her phone, there is a problem.  I am also sending a text out to the rest of Elite to let them know something ain’t right and I am on the way.

Chico:  (In his most frustrated voice), They took her Nicole!  They took her!!

Nicole:  Who took what?!

Chico: (In tears, trying to hide it) The hospital…

Nicole:  My flight lands in three hours.  Have both of those phones on and ready when I get there.

The clicks on the marble floor from my office building is sounding like a sledge hammer.  I already have a car downstairs waiting.  I keep a suitcase in my office just in case I am on the move and I forgot something.   I get into the car, I call my husband and tell him, we can’t do dinner tonight with his friends.  I am on my way to Tampa.  I will call you when I land.


Hopefully, you are truly entertained.  I would love to get any questions or feedback regarding the story.  Hit me up!



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