How We Got Back Home XI… Chapter 11

I am still trying to see where the hell does Maria land….  I have not seen her talk or eat or sleep.  This makes me think, she really is a working ghost on a mission.   In all seriousness, I know that she needs help.   I am just not sure what is wrong with her and how she got to be like this.  I will tell you that the older you get with a mental illness that has gone untreated, the worse your circumstances will be.  Your relaxed years will turn into hell and the illness will be harder to manage and harder to treat.   I say all of that to say, if you or someone you know is going through some changes or having attention, depression (especially grief), or behavior changes, get them to a doctor STAT.  You have no idea how this will help that person with a better quality of life.  The best site out there is NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness).

Back to GROUP!

Since Maria decided to fly the coup, Deborah doesn’t blink an eye and goes around to the next person… Sour Susan.  Susan is genuinely a nice person.  She is much like Carol except she is not running around jumping and skipping all over the damn place.  Deborah, gets a bag of chips and starts to eat them.  EVERYONE, including myself is looking like Baylor when he wants some bacon.  We are sitting down, eyes wide, mouth half open.  Deborah picks up on it and tells us that there is no way anybody is going to get her chips so “worry bout something else”  Susan decides to share her story.  Maria ass done floated back to group.  She must have smelled the chips.

Here is the thing with Susan.  Out of each person that I met while I was in this God forsaken place, Susan is the one that intrigued me the most.  Her situation made me think that I was never going to get out of there.  However, it reminded me that my situation could have been worse.  Gross is back scanning.  “Leave me alone!!! (in my Lil Daryl voice)”

Cocktails, anyone? Perhaps a spot of tea or a freshly brewed cup of coffee? Maybe rich cappuccino or piping-hot cocoa is your cup of tea Whatever quenches your thirst for ideal wedding favors , we have it here waiting for you!

Susan starts off crying her silent tears.  I feel bad for her.  I have no idea what she is about to say, but you could tell from her current state, that she was no good.  In the “Doom Room” or any other similar room for that matter, you are not allowed to comfort anyone or even provide them with tissue.  I don’t agree with this method, but it is supposed to allow the person to get everything out.  Ok.  Susan says that she is a lawyer and she and her father shared a law practice.  This law practice was located in Hyde Park (our version of Buckhead).  Her father was a very esteemed lawyer and socialite.  He was the lawyer that you wanted to have on your side.  As it was, Susan was also groomed to be a lawyer like her father.  She was the only child and even though her father wanted more children, they didn’t.  She would be the only one to carry out the family legacy.  Susan joined her father’s practice and became his only partner.

One day in court, her father fell to the ground, dead on impact.  It was a super sudden death and even he didn’t see that coming, but who does.  Someone from the courthouse contacted Susan and told her the bad news.  She had to break this news to her mother.  Her mother lived for her father.  She helped him start their law firm.  She handled all of the accounting.   So here is Susan, she is still wiping tears from her eyes and some other people in the Group are too.

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As most situations, the night of her father’s death, many people came to their home in Hyde Park and showed respects.  Susan decided that it was best for her to spend the night at her parent’s home.  This way neither she or her mother would be left alone to grieve.  Susan decided that she would put on her pajamas and make some hot tea for the two of them.  Susan is in the kitchen putting the water in the kettle.  Her mother has told her that she is going upstairs to change… and just like that, she heard a loud bang.  Susan went to find her mother.  Her mother had put a 38 revolver in her mouth and killed herself.  That is all of what Susan can remember.

Deborah is not the most empathetic person, she asks, “but how did you get here?”  One of my neighbors saw me wondering outside of my parents home in my pajamas.  She was the one that called the police.  The police Baker Acted me.  So now I am here.  Because I am the next of kin to both my mother and father, I have been unable to claim their bodies for a proper burial. I am a ward of the state.  I have been here for eight months, wearing the same damn pajamas that I came in here with.  My parents are laying in a morgue.  I have tried to reach out to other relatives and friends, but those phone calls stop after so long.  No letters.  No visitors.

Hold the fuck up!!!  Did you just say that you are a LAWYER?  Did you just say that you have been in this bitch for eight months?  Your parents are on ice? Nobody that you know can serve as an attorney for you?  I am DOOMED!, Hence the word “Doom Room”  If a seasoned white and wealthy attorney can’t get out of here, then how the hell am I?

Ding….  Again, more clicking on the floor.  Nicole is just about done with all of this theatrics.  Just bring Cint’s ass out so we can roll.  “There is a security check and procedure for you to enter the psyche ward, I am going to have to put any bags, coats, wallets….”  The officer who escorted us upstairs goes on and on and on.  I ain’t giving him shit.  This is a Louis Vuitton limited edition Christian Louboutin bag.  Now why in the hell do you think I am going to leave that with you or in a damn locker?  Not On Duty!  Chico is looking at him the same way.  “We are not criminals, and we don’t plan to do anything that would make us criminals”, says Chico.  I really ain’t on that page with him.  I know he wants Cint out just as much as I do, but I don’t believe in anyone to tell me “no”  I actually learned that one from Jacinta.  If you are going to tell me “no”, you better be in a position to tell me “why”.  That “why” better be good.  Since I am not giving up my bag or my shoes because of the spike heel, they asks us to sit out in the psyche ward lobby.

Chico:  Nicole, we are trying to get Cint out, not keep her in there.  You can’t put your purse or your shoes up for once?

Nicole:  Chico, I love you and you are my brother, but ain’t no way in hell will I take off these shoes or give up my bag.  You already knew that when we were on the elevator.  Stop stressing!  We Got This!

Chico: That is so easy for you to say.

Chico feels like Nicole just doesn’t get it.  This is not a “hook up” or “I know somebody”, this is for real.  The worse thing could happen is that Nicole goes off and they Baker Act her ass and now I have to get both of them out.

There is another security officer and the orderly that checked Jacinta in when she entered the matrix.  He is caught off guard that there is a pregnant woman and a man that he has seen before standing there looking like he is crazy.  “Ma’am, I understand that you would like to keep your belongings with you.”, says the orderly.  “This is true”, say Nicole.  The orderly looks at Nicole and decides to meet her halfway.  He says, “I am assuming you need your bag due to your current condition”  Nicole plays along and says “Exactly, it is about time somebody around here understands something”  She is steady rolling her eyes at the guard.

Group is on break and I decide to call Chic.  I hope he picks up.  I am losing it in here.  Just as I am dialing his number, I hear clicks on the floor…..


You wish you had a Nicole like me….  See you tomorrow.





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  1. Oh, you know you wrong ending XI like this! Gotta wait all night for XII to post! I need a Nicole in my life 😊.

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