How We Got Back Home XII… Chapter 12

Seriously, I know that I am not giving up my bag, but we are going to have to meet half way on this pat down too.  I tell the officer that I need for him to get some hand sanitizer and if he doesn’t have some I will give him some.  I also need for him to put on some damn gloves.  This is a fucking hospital, gloves should be falling out of the wall.  He gives me a look like he shouldn’t have to go through all of this because we were up here during non-visiting hours.  So to make sure he understands where I am coming from I explain that I am six months pregnant with the “Son of God”  Which means he can’t touch me with some bare hands.

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Chico is steady shaking his head as they are making him take off his shoes.  He starts to feel bad.  They stripped Jacinta down in the ER, no telling what they did to her once she came through here.  I fucked up.  I should’ve just grabbed Cint and dipped.  She kept saying it’s ok.  Jacinta can talk her way in or out of any situation, way better than I can.  So I trusted that she knew what she was doing and in no way did I believe this would be a lockup.  I will say this, Jacinta is resilient and once she sets her mind to something…  It’s like this crew of hers thinks that they are invincible.  If I asked Nicole right now, if she was invincible, she would roll her eyes and look at me like I should already know that.   I hope Cint is not mad at me.  I didn’t know that this situation was going to be this engrossed.  I have spoken to a few law offices here in Tampa.  Push comes to shove, I will file a petition with the court myself.  I am not fooling with these people any longer.  When I get in here, I don’t want to hear that I need to calm down or I need to let this go a certain way.  We are all leaving up out of here today.


I am stuck again.  I can’t finish dialing Chico’s number and for that matter at this moment, I can’t remember it.  I know that clicking from anywhere.  I cry because I think it is a figment of my imagination.  So far, the only people that knew I was in here were Chico and my Father.  Click…Click…Click..  I look up and I am all to pieces.  I see Nicole there front and center in the middle of the prison tables.  Chic is right there with her coming to me like a train to hug me.  He is looking all over me to see if I have been hurt anywhere.  I guess the two of them didn’t receive the “Doom Room” rules, but knowing Nicole, she said fuck it.  Hell she even has her cell phone with her.  At this point, I am bent over crying on Chic and I am inconsolable.  He continues to rock me in his arms and rubs the top of my head.  He is steady saying “it’s ok”  Of all the people to call, I did not want him to call Nicole.  As much as she is my rider, she is also six months pregnant.  This germ infected shit hole is nothing that I wanted her to even think about.  I didn’t want her to get worked up with the baby. However, I am sure when I did not hit her back about the test results, she freaked out.  I am not surprised that she is here.  Full blown “Elite” stature.  I just hope they don’t lock her up with me.

As I am hugging on Chic,  Nicole is doing a serious inspection of the environment.  Her face says it all.  The residents of the “Doom Room” are looking at her as if she is a movie star.  She really does look like one.  One of the male residents walks up to her and before he can even get there, she has given him the “don’t let this face fool you” look.  He gets it and he keeps it moving.   Nicole comes up to me and says, “you are the only person in the world that would have me in a psyche ward, while I am six months pregnant.”  I look at her as if she is my mother scolding me.  Like yeah I know.  I go to hug her and she is like, “go to the side, don’t come in the front”  I go behind her and grab her tight.  This just all seems unreal, both the situation and the fact that they are here.

I honestly thought that there was another room other than the “Doom Room” for visitors.  NOT!  At this point I am embarrassed about my looks, I haven’t showered in two days.  I have the same thing on from two days ago, and I have on socks.  I know I look like hell and smell like hell.

Now what do you think the rest of the room is doing???  Chico has always stayed crispy.  He could be going to the grocery store and he has on slacks and a French cuff shirt undone.  I guess beach life in Virginia has calmed me down some.  Chico is smelling some kinda nice.  No one and I mean no one has smelled anything like this in their life.  Maybe Susan, but definitely nobody else.  The wood scented cologne is soaring throughout the room.  Deborah starts to straighten up herself.  She has to put her flea market gold chains in order on her chest.  I get it.  If I had that much flea market gold on, I would be showing it off too.  She walks over to the three of us.  “Excuse me, I am Deborah, “the program coordinator”  Now you know good and damn well she ain’t no damn program coordinator.  She explains that she understands that this is innocent, but there is no touching in this part of the hospital.  “Leave Me Alone!” (In my Lil Daryl voice).

Deborah is mesmerized by Chico and assumes that he is my brother and she is praying that Nicole is our sister, all siblings.  I ask Deborah, is there a place that my husband and sister can go to talk?  She gets my question and her “big booty Judy” ass is mumbling “shit”.  She begins to speak with a proper tone, like she is some kind of professional.  Give me a fucking break.  Deborah informs us that we can take a seat at one of the prison tables.  Nicole has her hand sanitizer out and wiping our seats and table down.  Gotta love her!  At this point, we are bringing Nicole up to speed as to what happen and how they are holding me on the Baker Act.  She is livid!  She starts to get up and Chico is standing to put her back down.  He doesn’t want them to get put out and they just got here.

I have no idea how long I will be able to visit with them.  This makes me anxious.  Chico can sense this and he tells me to calm down.  Nicole on the other hand is trying to get up and walk the hell out…. Like ALL THREE OF US!  Nicole is on her phone googling the Florida Baker Act.  While she is doing that, Chico wants to know what has been happening with me since I have been here.   I can’t tell Chic everything that has happened to me while I have been in here.  Not only he would he nut up and be ready to kill somebody, but it would truly break his heart.  I can’t do that to him.  Even though I just got finished crying my eyes out, I am trying to give both of them the impression that I am ok and that I am making it.  Both of them know better.

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Maria floats around us twice.  Nicole’s eyes are wide as hell.  She looks at me and says “WTF is that? Aw hell Nah, we getting the fuck up outta here right now”

Group is still going on and even though another scruffy man is sharing his story, everybody is glued to our table.  I wonder what they are thinking.  Chico senses that someone is looking at him and when he turns around, he is ready to leave NOW!  Deborah is still looking at Chico from across the room giving him the “she locked up, but I ain’t” look.  Bitch beat it! As I am paying attention to this gang watching me, I hear clicks on the floor…. Ah Hell!


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    • Hi Deidre! Thanks for the compliment. I am truly humbled and flattered. Just know that you give me life too. It’s hard to expose yourself the way that I have chosen to do so. It gives me strength to know that im doing something to help alter perception and provide just a taste of entertainment. Please keep the feedback and questions coming.
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