How We Got Back Home XIII… Chapter 13

Click… Click…Click…  I don’t know what came over me, but I got my ass up and was en route to the nurses station.  Ok…  I did know what came over me, I just didn’t want Cint and Chico to get involved.  I get to the nurses station and a ton of questions just start flowing from my mouth.  So much so, that I was not giving this “whatever” time to answer.  Ok, so do you see what my sister looks like?  She looks like hell.  What did yall do to her while she was in here?   I can even tell that she hasn’t had her regular medications.  Do you realize how bad I am going to take you to court?  I am going to be suing the shit out of you just based on how she looks right now.  I have my phone and now I will have evidence.  You have no idea.  The “whatever” responds with, “Ma’am we are only allowed to do what the doctors and social workers tell us to do”  “Really??  Well where the fuck are they?  Never mind, your ass probably doesn’t know the answer  to that shit either.  Just as I am going about to find a social worker or a doctor, I feel a hand grabbing my arm.  Now being up in here does not scare me the least, and I will be damned if someone will be touching me in this bitch.  I turn around to go HAM and it is Chico trying to reel me back in and sit with him and Cint.  This sitting shit is getting boring.  I look in my purse and pull out my makeup and hair brush and I start to going about fixing her  hair and giving her some blush so she doesn’t look so stale.  She looks like a bobble head that was tender headed.  So!  Just as I am finishing up her bun (which looks soo much better, I gotta pee.  I normally would have held it until I found a better place, but this baby is no joke on my bladder.   And even this baby knows that I am not going to ruin this Diane Von Furstenberg dress.  NOT on Duty!  I ask Jacinta where is the bathroom and she looks like she is saying “damn”.

I point the two toilets out to Nicole, Chico is looking too.  Nicole loses it again.  “Are you fucking kidding me?  You mean to tell me that this shit is wide ass open for everyone to see my big ass?”  I already knew that Nicole was going to nut up, she can handle herself.  However, now I have to worry about Chic nutting up…   and so it was.  Chic is not even worried about who is looking and why.

Chic is pretty cut up.  He is 6’2″ and he weighs about 205.  His body looks sculpted and I am clearly jealous when he goes in and out of the shower.  The only way I am going to get Chic to calm down is by telling him that the more “bad” behavior I have, they will start to add time to my time here.  Deborah walks her big ass over and is trying to understand all of the commotion.  I explain that he was just trying to go and stand before my sister while she went to the bathroom.  Deborah allows it and now I feel like I owe her one.  Neither one of them needs to be just walking around here.  Again, the goal is to get out, not get all three of us to be in here at the same time.

By the time, Deborah and I have this exchange, Nicole has already went to the bathroom.  I think everybody in that damn circle was glued to her.  It was as if she was a porno.  Nicole looks up while she is peeing and notices that everyone is looking at her.  She rolls her eyes and finishes up.  As she leaves the toilet, she makes it a point to walk by the nurses station.  As she is walking, clicks and all, she tells the “whatever” that she should be a fucking shame of herself.  The “whatever” is looking like this ain’t my fault, I just work her.  Either way Nicole calls her a “Tramp” while walking away.  Gotta love her!

Chic tell me, that there is no way he is going to come up out of here without me.  “Are you telling me that you have had to use the bathroom in front of everybody in here?”  I don’t answer the question.  Nicole senses that I am about to panic, because of the way that they are acting up in here.  She cuts Chic off as he is talking and suggests that he go to the nurses station to ask about my meds.  I am crying at this point.  I know that I am not getting out of here.  I don’t know if they think it is as easy as me just getting up and walking out.  Nicole looks me dead in my eye and asks me, “now how the fuck do we get you out of here?”  I said, “I have no fucking idea”

I am at the nurses station and really this wasn’t a good idea, because I am hating everybody in this cell block three cube.  I knew that Nicole would probably get more out of Jacinta than I would.  Cint is never going to tell me everything.   I mean we have papers on each other and she still is not going to tell me everything.  SMH.  So here I am at the nurses station and it seems as though every nurse and even a male nurse is all of a sudden at my service.  I ask the group whether or not my wife has been administered her medication.  There is a scramble to get her chart.  I guess the one who finds it first wins.  A ghetto ass “whatever” gets the folder first and she is cheesing ear to ear.  She comes up to me, smelling like her house.  You know how you can smell somebody and their house smells the same way?  This is what I am talking about.  She tends to suck her mouth making a popping noise as she talks.  My face says it all.  I asks her the same question that I asked before, “has Jacinta been given her regular medication?”  Mouth popping, she says “we don’t have a list of meds for her to receive”.  I am trying to remain calm, because Ms. Section Eight might be able to help us.  I give her the lists of medications that Jacinta takes from my phone.  she is writing it down on a clip board with this crazy ass handwriting that makes her think her handwriting is on pointe.   As I am looking at her write on Jacinta’s folder, I see the mug shot that they have attached to the folder.  My heart aches and I would like to burn this entire place down starting with her “folder” .  I ask “hood” how do people get out of here?  She says, “I think you got to go to court.  I on know.  Go talk to Ms. Deborah she can tell you more”.

HP Commission

I am making my way to “Ms. Deborah” to have a word with her privately.  As I am walking I notice the orderly that checked us in coming toward the table with Cint and Nicole.  That makes me bee line back to them.  Deborah is looking like “damn”.  The orderly explains that their visiting time is up.  I plead with the orderly to allow me the opportunity to speak to “Ms. Deborah” about my wife and her status here.  He looks at me like, brother I am doing my best to even let yall be in here.  He shakes his head yes and tells me to make it quick.

Nicole takes this opportunity to sweet talk the matrix orderly.  He is looking at her sideways because she is very much pregnant.  I laugh at that.  She goes on and asks him about the facility, how things are ran, and who is in charge… on and on and on.  Chic is still in discussion with Deborah, who now has her hand on Chic’s bicep while she is talking to him with so much concern.  I think that shit is funny too.  I am going to remind them of how “crazy” their asses were when they came.  The orderly waves his hand over to Chic to wrap things up.  The officer to escort them downstairs is on the other side of the matrix room waiting for them.   Chic walks back over.  He asks the orderly if he can see the nurse again.  The orderly tells him that he can’t for right now.  He looks at all three of us and says, “look there is another official visiting hours time later on this evening at five.  I will pretend that yall didn’t check in earlier to see her.  Is that fair?”  Can’t argue with that.  We will take whatever we can get.  I hug Nicole from the back and she is disgusted, but she loves it anyway.  Chic and I hold on to each other as long as possible.  He tells me that he believes in me and I need to believe him when he says that he is going to get me out of here.  I tell him that most of these people have been in here for months.  He tells me that this will not be the case with me.  Tears are rolling down my face.  Babe we will be back tonight and we will have a strategy to get you out of here.  Ok.

Nicole and I are walking towards the matrix room.  I ask the orderly, seriously, “how fast can I get her out of here?”  His reply, “my brother, you need to find the best damn lawyer you can find”  Before I can say another word, the officer that is supposed to escort us down is walking to find us.  The orderly stops giving me pointers.

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