How We Got Back Home XVI… Chapter 16

Jacinta has never been my problem child.  She is more of a “Daddy, I am in a situation” child.  I know that this situation is not her fault.  She has been through a lot in the pass year or so.  Regardless of what kind of situation my kids are in, I am going to make sure that they are ok.  I don’t care if they are 65 years of age.  My kids and their kids will be ok.  I am angry about what I hear is going on with her.  I called the hospital myself and they would not patch me in or tell me the details of the situation and how it came to be.  Jacinta is a lot of things, but off the wall is not one of them.  I can see her being scared and willing to run away, but to nut up in public is not the way she rolls.  Now her sister on the other hand… that’s different.  My kids are total opposites and yet they are the same.  When Chico first called me to tell me what was going on, I immediately went into “fix it” mode.  As much as I give him a hard time, I know that Chico truly loves Jacinta and just like me he is not going to let anything happen to her either.  I will still be the devil though.  I am giving Chico and Nicole a set amount of time to handle this situation.  If that times is up and nothing is resolved, I will step in.  There is no reason why Jacinta should have already been in there for 30 hours.  Yes, I am counting.

The minute I hear her voice, I am somewhat at ease.  At least I know for sure that she is alive.  I can fix the rest of her later, I just need to know that she is alive.  She calls in and I am answering on the first ring.  I know that it is Nicole’s number.  I also know that Nicole and Chico are hipped to the fact of her getting to have a conversation with me.  This is mandatory and all three of them know it.   Jacinta says “Hey Daddy”.  I tell her “Hey BB”.  This is my pet name for her.  She doesn’t mind me calling her that even though she is a grown woman, but her sister on the other hand… that’s different.  I proceed to ask her a ton of questions that I know she doesn’t feel like answering, but for the sake of getting her out of this situation, I need to make sure I have all of my ducks in a row.  She begins to tell me the situation.  I cut her off, which she hates, but that is not my problem right now.  I ask her about the conditions of the facility.  Jacinta goes into description, but I know from the way she is talking that she is not telling me something.  I am not worried, I will get that out of Nicole later.  All of a sudden there is an abruption going on in the background.  I am steady saying Jacinta’s name.  I hear Nicole and Chico both sounding as if they are struggling.  I am not getting off this phone.

As I thought, we got caught calling Daddy on Nicole’s phone.  It is as if the three of us are kids again and staying in trouble.  One of the nurses is physically taking the phone trying to confiscate it from me.  She asks one of the guards if he could assist her and take these two visitors out of the “Doom Room”  Lord, why me?  And of all things, Daddy is on the phone.  I know he hasn’t hung up the phone.  SMH.  I am upset that this is even happening.  Chico stands up and tells the nurse, that I was speaking with my father.  Nicole is yelling, “Give me my damn phone.  I don’t know who’s ass you been wiping up today”  I feel defenseless, so I let my two riders do what they do best….  Nut up!  The security officer looks like he could use the treadmill three or four days out of the week.  I already see where this is headed.   The officer is approaching us and is asking Chico and Nicole to come with him.  Chico looks him dead in his eye and says “Call the real police!  We aren’t going anyhere.”   I guess that served as the gospel because both the security officer and the nurse look like they should have let this sleeping dog lie.  The officer tells us to stop the commotion and instructs me not to make a call via a cell phone.  The nurse and the officer walk away.  I am somewhat calm.  Chico is not.  I am steady saying that everything is going to be ok.  Tears are streaming down my face.  There is no way that I am letting Chico get off track.  In the meanwhile, John has let his paper down and is laughing something terrible at our situation.  I didn’t even know he could smile, let alone laugh.

I am steady saying “Hello”.  I begin dialing the number again and no answer.  I hope that all is ok.  This is really making me pack my bags.  “Uhh, yes, this is Joseph Jones, I need the next flight to Tampa”

I am tired of being the level headed one.  I am tired of people pushing us around and telling us what to do.  Jacinta is right, I am about to “Nut up”  Next thing I know, this woman starts floating towards us.  At first, I am thinking that she isn’t real and then all of a sudden she comes close to me and says, “Has anyone every told you, you look like Lewis?”  I am stuck.  I tell her that I did not know that I looked like Lewis.  I am scared to tell her that I don’t even know a Lewis.  It’s like “Tales from the Crypts” up in here.  She floats away.  I turn back to Nicole and Jacinta and ask “Did yall see that shit?”  They are dying laughing.  Jacinta says, “Lewis, we didn’t see nothing”  I feel like I just got pranked.

Dear God, thank you for floating Maria around to our table.  I truly needed the right distraction to calm this situation down.  I also want to thank you for letting me know that Maria can talk.  Please keep sending her around the “Doom Room”, so that everyone can touch the helm of her garment.  Amen!

White coat walks out of her office.  I look at Chico and tell him that I don’t know who she is, but I believe she is someone that can help us.   Nicole checks her out.  She notices that this woman has on dress slacks and sneakers.  Yes, she is a doctor that is probably loaded and doesn’t take the time to go shopping or do her makeup in the morning… SAD.  I ask Chic if he could figure out what her deal is. USA, LLC

I look awkward just walking around the “Doom Room” as I please.  I start to feel bad, because others notice that I am free to do whatever I want and they are stuck here.  I make a mental note of it.  I walk up to the “doctor” while she is flipping through some charts. “Excuse me,  I am Chico Daniel, my wife Jacinta Daniel is a patient here.”  She looks at me perplexed.  “Are you one of her doctors?”  She looks around the room and asks me to point Jacinta out.  I show her and she looks surprised.  She says, “Wow, I never knew that she was even in here.  Let me look through my charts and see what I have for her”  The look on my face of “how in the fuck did you not know she was here” is calmed down by her eagerness to understand why she hasn’t seen her.  She tells me that she is the floor’s head psychiatrist.  All patients must be seen by her.  She is somewhat disturbed that she was not informed of Jacinta being a patient.   I ask her if she could ensure me that Jacinta will be given her regular medications.  I also tell her that this situation was all wrong.  I believe that she truly believes what I am saying to her, but I am sure she hears similar stories from others.  Her job is to evaluate and treat patients.  I ask her if she is the person that determines whether or not someone is fit to enter back into society.  She sighs and says that her recommendation does play a factor in the decision making by a state judge.  “Can you please get my wife home to me?”  She looks at me with much compassion.  She tells me that she will make it a point to see Jacinta and determine her mental capacity.  She can not ensure me that a court date would come as soon as that is determined.  I thank her profusely.

I take my seat on the 747 aircraft headed to Atlanta.  Philadelphia did not have any direct flights to Tampa, so I am having to switch planes at Hartsfield.  My patience is out.  Something tells me that I should have flown private or military.  This flight should be approximately two hours and twenty minutes from gate to gate.  The flight from Atlanta to Tampa should only be an hour and thirteen minutes gate to gate.  If this is not the circumstances, then I have totally messed up the radar and calculating systems for this aircraft.  This was one of my first patents.  I am distracted from my engineering calculations when the flight attendant asks if I would like a beverage before take off.  I tell her to fetch me a Coors Light.  I try calling Nicole’s phone again before the door closes.  It goes straight to voicemail.  CHECK!  Tampa Memorial, I hope you are ready for this…..

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