How We Got Back Home XVII… Chapter 17

Everything that is going on has my head spinning and I am truly tired.  My head decides to go back into headache mode.  As Chico, myself, and Nicole are going through Baker Act loop holes, here comes Bopping Mickey Mouse, Carol.  She looks at me and is hoping like hell that I introduce my family to her as my friend.  I do.  I tell them that Carol has stood by my side since I have been here.  This seems like too much for Carol to handle and she cries tears of happiness.  Nicole’s patience seems to be running out with all of these theatrics, so she joins into the conversation to get it ended.  “Carol, thanks for looking out for my sister.  Is your family here for visitation so that we can meet them?”  Okay Nicole, settle down I know that this is the hormones and not my friend.   Carol looks towards the matrix room and explains that they should be coming through that door any minute now.  Nicole insists that she bring them over to us to meet then when they arrive.  That’s cold!  Carol is not so hyped anymore and decides to go to one of the two phones on the wall.  I watch her.  She dials and waits.  She hangs up.  She dials and wait again.  She hangs up and go toward the Group chairs.  I know that no one is coming to visit her.  I feel sorry for her.  She could really use the visitation to cheer her up and keep her moving in a more positive direction.

I tell Chic and Nicole that this woman is truly sweet.  I know that she has an issue.  I tell them about the pills and the “tests” that they have her doing.    Nicole starts to feel bad that she shoed her away.  As a peace offering, Nicole goes to Carol who is now sitting alone and gives her a snack bag of “Goldfish”  This takes Carol to another level.   All of a sudden, Nicole is her best friend, more than she is to me, and that is all that matters.  Nicole decides that she can be Carol’s visitor for today.  So she asks Carol what her deal is and Carol takes off like a space ship, telling Nicole about her entire life.

Jacinta and I are getting some one on one time.  I steady tell her how strong and beautiful I think she is.  She doesn’t believe me.  She wants to know who the hell is “Lewis”?  You have to know my wife to appreciate the woman that she is.  She has no filter and the things that come out of her mouth will amaze you, even in times like this.  I know that she knows that I am not Lewis, but she is not going to let that go away.  She wants to know if I had been with Maria in a former life?  Maria hears the name Lewis and floats her ass over to our table.  This time she sits.  No problem.  She isn’t going to harm us, unless she really thinks he is Lewis and they aren’t cool any more.  I get it.  Cint, seriously, can we talk about something serious.  She says to me that the minute Nicole and I walk out the door, everything will be serious.  So as a break for her, can we just be us and if we came here on a field trip and prepare to go to hell for laughing at these folks.  You truly can’t help it.

I look over at Nicole and she and Carol have switched from Goldfish to Gummy Bears.  None of this is allowed in the “Doom Room”, but this is Nicole Binion we are talking about.  She has even asked one of the orderlies to get her a few of those fake cranberry juices, so that she can finish listening to Carol and her issues.  It is like a movie to Nicole and she is hanging on to every word.  They give us the five minute warning that visitation will be up.  I tell Chico that I know he is doing everything that he can to make this right.  I am not worried that he isn’t going to make my release happen.  I have total faith in him.  I look back over to Nicole and she is giving Carol a makeover.  SMH

We like to welcome you to Atlanta.  The local time here is 5:13 p.m. Eastern Standard Time”.  My calculations actually over exceeded themselves by seven minutes.  “We know that you could have chosen any airline for your travels, but we are delighted that you chose Delta.  We ask that you remain seated with your seat belts on until the captain has turned on the no seat belts.  We would like to again thank you for flying with us to Atlanta or wherever your next travels will take you”  I have never been a very religious person, but while the flight attendant was speaking, I thought that maybe this was a prayer for me to calm down……  NOPE!

Chico and I are walking to the car.  I am stunned at the story that I just got from Carol.  I don’t know if I should say something to Chic or not.  Basically, this “Doom Room” “experiments” on certain “patients”.  I really didn’t think that Carol was even well informed on what type of tests that they are performing on her.  I guess they take advantage of the most naïve patients and go from there.  Carol tells me that she receives “Shock Therapy” every other day.  The shock is supposed to “cure” her depression.  She is a ward of the state.  I am not even sure if she has a right to decline treatment.  She tells me that it is called ECD, ECT, or hell it could be a EBT.  I google each one next to shock therapy and I find out that electric shock is a form of therapy, as a treatment by inducing seizures.  I guess they use it on people that don’t respond to medication well.   So answer me this.  They haven’t given Cint her regular meds, not even a Tylenol for her headache.  How do they know the appropriate response for Carol, who probably hasn’t had her meds for even longer,  to be taken through this testing?  Duly noted.  People that work on my team hate that phrase.  It will be all hell to pay.

Just then, my phone rings, “He Daddy!”  This time I am the one looking at Chico to get me out of this call.  “Nicole, where are you?”  I tell him that Chico and I were just leaving the hospital from visiting Cint.  He wants an update on our progress to getting her out.   Chico saves me and takes the phone.  “Joseph, I was able to speak to the head of psychiatry for the hospital, she didn’t even know that Jacinta was there.  And before I can tell him, that she plans to look into the situation deeper, he replies, “And they won’t know what to do when I get there”  He hangs up.  Nicole already knows what the next steps are.  She just doesn’t want to over stress it.   Her phone rings again and it startles her.  It’s Caleb.  “Nicole, how is everything going down there?  I hope that you are not over doing it.”  “Caleb, we just got off of the phone with Papa Joe.  I feel as though he might be right around the corner.  So I am hoping that when his plane lands, my plane will be taking off ”


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