How We Got Back Home XXIII… Chapter 23

I am on the phone with my new boo, Harold.  I sure wish he could see this ocean of blue I got on right now.  I am sure this figure and outfit will have him at the store today trying to get me something to keep my eyes off the other brothers who are checking for me.  I am putting on a full sexy telephone conversation for him as I head into this hospital.  He wants to see me for lunch and I tell him that he has to be on his best behavior.  We are laughing back and forth as I am walking my big beautiful ass onto the elevator.  I am still giggling when I get to the matrix room.  All of a sudden, the room goes red!  What the hell?  I am not in the mood for this foolishness today.  I tell Harold that I am going to call him back in a short.  He senses that something isn’t so sexy about my voice this time and he hangs up.  Once code red has been engaged a lockdown of the floor is to follow until each patient and staff member are accounted for and safe.  Which in English means, all the patients are sitting with their back to the wall, legs folded, and arms above their head.  Once each patient has received their “shot”, the staff has to go about getting everything together for when this clan wakes.  I should have stayed my ass in the car talking to Harold and just called in sick. Shit!

I went about dragging Mrs. Daniel to my office when all of the commotion started to get out of control.  I figured that she would be safe if she was locked in my office.  Once I have her locked in the office, I go to the “Doom Room” to help the other patients and orderlies.  I am not in full agreement that we should give everyone a tranquilizer when issues like these occur.  The truth of the matter is that, this process is faster and easier to maintain than if I were to allow this incompetent staff to make the decision as to who to target specifically when these instances occur.  Not only would this be all out WRONG, but it would be another level of pandemonium if I let everything go the way others thought that it should go.  I have a small “Social Worker” staff, who although properly educated on the procedure, either does not care enough to help or refuses to get involved in one of these incidents.  Needless to say, I am sure all five of them have locked themselves into their little room and are currently on their cell phones strolling through Facebook or Instagram.  The “medical” team….  Well let’s just start calling things for what they really are.  The “people” that are labeled “medical” team are a group of individuals that have been shuffled throughout our disciplinary human resource center for this hospital.  This is the floor that you are sent if you have had unlimited write up’s, you refuse to quit your job,  and/ or you have received or dished out threats to other employees here on the Memorial Hospital campus.   Needless to say, there is no such thing as getting fired from here.  In order to justify the patient occupation rate, we have to maintain a certain level of “full time medical” staff that will be on duty at any given moment to help with the assessment of  any patient on this floor.  I am a doctor.    I became a doctor to help others become well.  My job is not to dish the numbers per floor as an income to debt ratio.  My job is to help the people of this floor to become stable and well enough to function on their own or to co-function with medical assistance.    So to keep everyone “happy”, we have a full time staff of people who don’t give a damn, who will do very little to make sure that things are done in the correct manner, and who will show up to work just to get a pay check so that this hospital can get a pay check from the insurance companies.

Unfortunately, I have about 3 people on this floor that I can truly count on to make sure this place doesn’t hurt itself more than what it is currently doing on a day to day.  I initiated the needle drill so that it was just a safe amount of medicine that could be given to anyone regardless of height, weight, or condition.  This allowed those two to three reliable people on this floor to get everything under control in a short amount of time and allow for any backup to be called in to help for when the “awakening” occurs.  This is not what some people would consider to be ethical.  However, it is the only thing that is working to keep everyone safe from each other.

I am glad that Vontay decided to stay for overtime today.  He doesn’t have class on Saturdays.  He is one of my three man team.  As soon as he sees Lieutenant with the needle, he is smooth in his approach to Lieutenant.   Vontay and I are the only two people in this ward that can calm Lieutenant down without having to take him down with force.  I am a huge advocate of not utilizing “ANY” force on “ANY” one.  I prefer we have a two hour stand off.  That is not necessarily the right approach on all forefronts, so it is sometimes hard to justify.  However, today will be different, simply because we have a few people on board that actually give a damn.  The interesting thing is that because these patients know who gives a damn, they treat us accordingly.  When you have someone like Deborah, who is only here to make herself feel better about herself, these patients can see straight through that and will turn on her ass as soon as they can.  Vontay is able to get Lieutenant to see that this needle is bad and that it will hurt Americans if he uses it.  Lieutenant thinks about this and gives the needle to Vontay so that he can hide it from Viet Kong.  Lieutenant is right, we will live to fight another day.  He falls to the floor, but Vontay is there is make sure he doesn’t hit the floor hard and lays him down.

Once I see that everyone is getting things under control, I retreat back to my office to try and understand what in the hell is going on.  As Mrs. Daniel sleeps, she looks so peaceful, like she wouldn’t even think about hurting a fly.  In my practice, this situation could be what you want it to be or it could easily be the calm before the storm.  Something just doesn’t add up to this situation with Jacinta.  I start going through her chart so that I can get some background information.  There goes my short Saturday at work.  It looks like I am going to be here for a while.  I am shuffling through what little information I have on Mrs. Daniel and as I am skimming through, I hear a soft knock at my door.  It is Vontay and he is going about regular “Doom Room” duties of scanning the arm bracelets.  I wave him in. While he is trying to find the bracelet on Mrs. Daniel, I ask him if he knows anything about her.  He goes on to tell me that she has had better experiences.  He tells me about the cancer testing scare and how she even ended up in the emergency room to begin with.  Vontay and I converse for a few moments more.  I tell him that today will be more interesting than the day before, so we better get a quick break before this medicine wears off of everyone.  I am still thinking heavily about this woman’s circumstances.  I am still baffled at how this floor has been quick to come to her defense and she hasn’t been here but all of two days.

Nicole and I are down in the lobby of the hospital again, with the same receptionist that felt like we duped her on a day a go.  You can tell that she is not in the mood nor does she know what or how to handle the two of us walking towards her.  I try to ease her apprehension, but Nicole is quick to remind her that we were here the other day and she is not in the mood for doing all of the calling to get things straight, so just buzz us up.  Without even saying a word to us, the receptionist is already on the phone with security in hopes that they hurry and get us out of her hair.  As we wait on the security escort, Nicole is looking in her mirror to make sure her eye makeup is still on pointe.  She decides to break the ice by saying that she is proud of the way that I have been handling this situation.  The old Chic she knew did not have the patience or maturity to stand by and just not nut up given the circumstances.  She is proud that I am growing.  She is proud that Jacinta has me in her corner and she is over the moon that Jacinta has found someone that would walk the end of the earth for her.  She wants to assure me that Jacinta is getting through this because of me.  Part of me wants to believe that and then there is the part of me that is still second guessing how we even got to this point.  Either way, I am ready for the nightmare to end.

Through all of the fiasco, I have totally sidetracked.  I was suppose to be meeting with the attorney this morning.  As I am pulling out my phone to call,  a security escort approaches us.  He informs us that the floor is currently on lockdown and there will be no visitors for today.  We quickly stand and of course we are both looking at him like, you know that little statement hasn’t gotten you anywhere with us.   “I am here to see my wife!  She was on the phone with her father and he heard her suddenly fall to the ground.  I need to know the condition of my wife and I would like to see her right away!”  The officer continues to tell us that there is a lockdown currently going on.  It will have to be unlocked from both sides at the same time to ensure the safety of everyone on that floor and all others within the hospital campus.   Yes…. ALL OTHERS.  This only pisses me off.  Nicole takes over and tries to have a word with the officer off to the side.  I am sitting there stewing.    Two seconds later, Nicole is back and she is asking me to get up and lets go.  I am telling her that we are not leaving until we can speak and/ or see Cint.

This has been a rough few days for all of us.  I have come to grips that this process of getting Jacinta out of this situation is not going to be an overnight thing.  The officer was really helpful and was trying to be empathetic towards our situation.  It is just some things are not able to be as instantaneous as we would like or expect them to be.  When the “Doom Room” goes into code red, there are several different steps that have to take place in order for that floor to become unlocked.  Timing is really the issue that is not on our side at the moment, given the protocol.  The only thing that the officer can tell me is that no one is in medical danger or threat.  He can also tell me that no one has reported any casualty “like” circumstances.  However, to be on the safe side, the hospital follows all guidelines when a code red has been implemented.    It is like unlocking a safe that is on a timer.  Hearing all of that information does not lead us to getting to Jacinta anytime soon.  I tell Chico that we may as well head over to meet with the attorney to see how we can get this process started.

Let’s just hope that this attorney has big friends in high places….  Does this shit end?

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