How We Got Back Home XXV… Chapter 25

“Joseph, it’s Chico and Nicole.  We have a few updates for you.  Are you able to talk?”  I know that wasn’t a solid question, but I was in business mode and my professional, not personal voice was on.  Joseph hits me with a “what you think?”  Nicole laughs at that and I am rolling my eyes at her.  She is giving me the “I don’t give a damn your ass just got roasted look”  I know that Nicole is here to help us.  I know she really loves us.  However, I am still her brother and I ain’t scared of her when she ain’t pregnant.  Come on three months…. Then I am going to have to call Caleb to hold me back with the food fighting.  By the way, I don’t think we have one snack or quick fix food in the house since she has been here.  I am going to call Caleb in a short to see what he has on them groceries.  I smile, thinking about just how “crazy” this family really is.  Caleb is probably on a beach somewhere on vacation while Nicole is here.  I don’t blame him.  I am two steps of booking a flight for all of us my damn self.

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“Chico, where is your head?  Tell me what the hell is going on.”  Nicole laughs again.  “Nicole, you can either stop all that damn giggling and tell me yourself what the hell is going on or when I see yall…..”  I stop Joseph in his tracks and begin to tell him of the attorney that we just met with.  Joseph is sounding confused.  “I thought I asked you to go straight to the hospital to see what was going on with Jacinta.  What in the hell are the two of you doing other than thinking that this shit is funny?”  Nicole saves the day.  “Daddy, I am sorry.  I know that this is a very serious matter.  Blame my hormones for laughing at Chico while you roast him out”  Nicole goes on to tell Joseph about us going to the hospital and that the hospital was on code red safety status.  There was no way for us to enter the floor where Jacinta is being “held”.  She also went on to say that we went ahead and met with an attorney that seemed aggressive and willing to help us stat for the right price.  After we met with him, we got a phone call from a nurse located on Jacinta’s floor and gave us an update of the situation.  Jacinta had a panic attack and it had a domino affect on some of the other patients.  That’s why the phone went off the hook while he was on the phone.

You can sense that there is some relief in Joseph’s voice, but that could also be the quiet before the storm.  So Nicole and I are just going to wait and see what he comes up with next.  Joseph starts to ask questions about the attorney.  What’s his name?  What type of practice is it? Does he seem like a flake just about the money?  Is he a man that I feel confident in representing us with this crazy ass case.  I answer all of the questions exactly how I saw it.  I think that they attorney is a cool guy.  Down to Earth, smart, flattering, but most importantly well known within the judicial system here in Florida.  When I was doing my research on lawyers who specialized in this matter, he was the first attorney that appeared on the screen.  His success rate of getting a fair, if not rewarding outcome was 82%.  I considered that to be pretty damn good considering that Jacinta is telling me that nobody in that place looks like they will be getting out anytime soon.    Nicole goes on to tell Joseph that she was impressed with the time Mr. Fernandez took to understand our situation.  He may be pricey, but if he was able to do the things for Jacinta that he said that he would do, then I would give him his required fee and a healthy thank you bonus.  I needed my baby home.

Dr. Sunni was a God send today.  Today was the first time that I felt that I was making some progress in getting a step closer to getting me ready for a Baker Act Trial.  Yes, I said TRIAL.  It is a shame that this state/ hospital/ system/ country/ OVERALL PEOPLE will treat other people who are not well like they should be hung in front of a group of their peers.  I remind myself that there has to be a bigger reason as to why I am in this shit hole.  The only thing that occurred to me was a story that is in the bible about Jesus seeing some men beating a leper in the street, just for being a leper.  Jesus went over to the man and comforted him.  As the two got up to walk away, the leper saw that he was no longer sick and Jesus walked back over to his disciples who were simply amazed at the act in itself.  Jesus continued walking on the path that he had originally set out to go while everyone else had to stop and think about what had just happened.  Jesus continued on with a smile on his face and not a need for explanation as to what had just happened.  I am at that moment feeling as if this is why I am here.  Not because I think I am Jesus, but because I feel as though you should treat everyone the same, no matter what their circumstances are.  You just don’t know what people have been through and how they even got to that point and/or how they got to be the way that they are in the first place.  Won’t he do it.

After my Pow Wow with Dr. Sunni and Vontay, I go back into the “Doom Room”.  You would have thought it was Christmas and they thought that I was Santa.  Everyone was seated in Group, which one, I don’t know and it looks like Deborah doesn’t know either because this code red done messed up her love plans with the new boo.  I walked over to the nurse’s station to see if I could get a fresh wash cloth so that I could somewhat freshen up.  I still refuse to get in that God awful shower.  It’s bad enough that I even have to go to the bathroom in front of everyone, while everyone can clearly see my ass even from Group.  Trying to keep it together so that I don’t spaz out again.  I can clearly see that taking my medicine on time in a regular fashion is the only way that I am going to feel somewhat functional.  Being in here and not being able to keep on my medicinal schedule has been hell and it is starting to show.   As I am walking to the water fountain, yes fountain to get some water for my wash cloth, I hear a bombardment of chatter coming from all over the place.  Vontay gets in front of me and ask that the “Doom Room” give me some air so that I can get back to being with them.  This statement makes some sense, but that didn’t stop them from moving back or away.  They just stand there waiting on me to wash my face.   I look up and said.  Ok. Ok. OK!  I am fine.  What do yall want to know?  Just like that, it is a full “White House Doom Press Room”.  Lieutenant, you first…..

After we go through a TON of questions from the crew, I hear Disgusting yell “Lunch”!  Back to our normal tactics, John and I are sitting and waiting for the coffee call, while everyone is fighting over trays.  No telling what this shit is that they are about to serve us.  Part of me doesn’t even want to know.  As trays are being passed out, I notice that Vontay is on his way to the matrix room.  I guess his over time has gone into double time.  I get up to go to him so that I can thank him for all of the favor that he has shown me.  He halts me with his hand and shakes his head as if he understands.  He walks off.  All of a sudden I am sad.  I feel as if someone else that I cared about has left me here again.

As Vontay is slipping through the matrix, I do a double take.  It is as if I am seeing things now and I am questioning whether or not the lady that just walked through the matrix is my sister Jordan…..

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