How We Got Back Home XXVI… Chapter 26

Boy did I need a vacation.  I always say that next month I am just going to stop everything and use some of my vacation days.  Of course something with work or family always gets in the way.  My long time boyfriend Raul is forever upset with me.  I am either extremely late, missed at least half of the movie, or just had to flat out cancel.  Work or Family, always being the reason.  Raul loves me.  I love him even more.  As hectic and involved as I am in everything that I do, he never even thinks about breaking it off with me.  I keep telling him that I love him too much to keep him hanging on like he does.  He says he can’t help the way he feels for me.  He has asked to marry me at least 4 times.  He said that one of those times I didn’t even notice the proposal because I answered my phone in the middle of it.  I am truly not a witch.  I am just very passionate about what I do.  I will say that I spend all of my time with Raul when the W&F (Work and Family) are not in the playbooks.  He has also asked me to move in with him.  I want to have a family with Raul.  I just want to be sure that it is fair to him.  I would move in with him right now if it weren’t for my parents.

My mother, on the other hand is a witch.  Plain and simple.  I love her with all that I have.  However, she treats my Papi terrible.  He has good days and bad days.  My mother tends to over shadow the bad days by giving him extra hell and sending him into an angry beast who ends up breaking all of the things in our house, just so he doesn’t hit anyone.  I am his favorite and usually, my oldest brother and I are the only ones that are able to calm him down.  My parents are from Cuba.  What most people here in the states don’t know is this Tampa is actually closer and easier to enter from Cuba than other ports in Florida.  My parents along with both of their families all came here in the late sixties and Tampa has been home ever since.  This means that between both my mother’s side and my father’s side, our family is overwhelmingly huge. Raul has the same problem. However, Raul is a man.  Cuban men don’t tend to worry about the ins and outs of everyday home life.  Cubano men are hard and proud workers.  They work hard and they play even harder, which is why I am the second of thirteen children.  My family still owns a butcher shop in Ybor City and most of my siblings either work there or are married at home watching the next generation of our family before it is time for them to actually go to school.  This system works out great for everyone… somewhat.  I have one sister who is a teacher, another sister who is an accountant.  I have a brother who is a business man.  This means that he owns two outdoor laundry mats.  They are very profitable and my entire family can wash and dry their clothes for free.  My youngest brother has tried to avoid the family business like the plague, so like me he went to the University of Tampa, where is he studying to become a lawyer.

I am the only child that wanted to become a doctor.  Even though I am a Supervisor Social Worker for the state of Florida, I am still in the process of working on my Ph.D. in Psychology.  The University of Tampa has a really good medical program and hopefully I will be able to complete my dissertation sooner versus later.  The only thing holding me back from walking across that stage and putting a ton of degrees on the walls of my office, is of course W&F.  The primary reason why I haven’t been on top of anything in my life is because of W&F.  Last week was spring break and Raul refused to take an excuse or no for an answer, so we packed our bags and went from one hot end of the world to another hot spot in the world on a cruise to Cancun.  I love Cancun, even if it is still just as hot and muggy as Tampa.  Being Cuban makes it easy when going to other highly dense Hispanic areas. You can speak freely and no one is thinking that you are trying to get over like they do in the states.

I am glad that Raul stuck to his guns and made me go on this trip.  It was good to get away.  The most dreadful thing is actually hearing the rotors of the ship pulling into the Tampa port.  This means that life is back on ten again.  Unlike most people where I work, I am actually a little too chipper in the morning.  I believe that the morning is the best part of the day.  It’s like you get to start all over again.  Life for me has just been that.  Each morning, I just wanted to start all over.  I am walking through the parking lot of the hospital trying to only imagine what type of foolishness I am going to have to work late through this week.  I greet everyone on my way to the elevators and once I get to the matrix room, I am buzzed in and just happens, Vontay is coming out as I am coming in.  He gives me a big hug and is so happy to see that I am back on “guard”.  Before I can even ask him how were things this past week, he goes in and gives me the scoop anyway.  “Sofia, girl it was off the chain as usual.  The office that you and your crew occupies stayed either closed or locked the entire time.”  This frustrates me so much.  When the cat is away….  He tells me about the code red.  He tells me a few other regular things and then he tells me that he left a note in my top desk drawer.  My eyebrows go up in wonder.  “What’s going on?  Is everything alright?”  Vontay tells me to chill, but there is something that he wants me to look into.  “I didn’t know if you would be back today or not given the fact the Raul insisted that you run away with him for a week”.  I laugh as he is inspecting my hands for new engagement or wedding rings.  He is a trip.  I tell him that maybe sometime this week we can do our monthly double date and he is stoked!  He ends his shift and I begin mine.

At first I hear clicks on the floor and that is what made me turn in the matrix room’s direction.  I was thinking Nicole has busted her way through here because she spoke with Daddy. The only difference was that this clicking on the floor didn’t sound like Nicole or Christian Loubitan.  Either way, through my haze, I am steady paying attention to who is about to come out of that door.  She had the Neverfull Louis Vuitton tote which see was searching for something in there at the time.  On her other shoulder was the Artsy MM Louis Vuitton tote in pink.  Her hair was beautiful.  You could tell that she was freshly out of the shower, shampooed, hand ran through her hair and was out.  When she turned her head to where I could see her face, all I saw was my sister Jordan.  My sister is gorgeous, absolutely beautiful.  She never has to wear make up.  Her hair looks like it plays in the ocean and never misses a curly wet beat.  She is tall and she gets her height from Daddy.  Her favorite color is pink.  So no matter what the price of the bag or St. John suit, Jordan is going with her signature pink, pearls, and diamonds look.  I am mesmerized.  Not in a sense of what I am seeing, but making sure that what I am seeing is real.  I can’t speak or move as I am trying to put all of this together.  Unless Daddy told Jordan about this situation, I don’t know anyone else who could have told her that I am here.  We don’t talk much, so it wouldn’t be so out of the norm that we hadn’t spoken in a few days. Part of me gets excited.  If Jordan is here, all bets are off and the big guns have arrived.   Literally!!!  I am getting out of this shit hole TODAY!  As the woman I think is Jordan walks closer towards me, she looks up waves at the Lunch group and everyone waves back.  Including Felonious.  As I see her closer, it is not Jordan and I am let down again.

I get my tray of a turkey sandwich and a side salad.  My favorite.  Felonious walks up to me and before she can even start, I give her the entire tray.  She looks confused and somewhat embarrassed.  Now I am confused. Whatever they are putting in them shots, will go for triple on the street.  This is a hell of a drug.  “Hey listen you, we need to talk”  says the Infamous Felonious.   “Okay, what’s up?”  She looks over at John like she doesn’t trust him listening in on our conversation.  John gives her the “really??” look.  I tell her that he is cool and he is with me.  She tells me that this is private.  I reluctantly get up as she walks over to the side of the prison tables where everyone else is eating lunch.  “Listen, I think people think that I am some kinda  Lesbian because I was trying to help you this morning when you was spazzing on your old man.”  What the fuck is she talking about?  She sees the confusion on my face and I let her keep talking.  Once we go through her version of the scenario, I totally understand her predicament.

Basically, Felonious doesn’t want anyone to know that she has a heart.  The only other way to think differently is to think that she was a Lesbian that was trying to help her new interest.  I laugh.  Her way of thinking is funny and she doesn’t even know it.  This is not pleasing to her.  “Look before you start “spazzing” out on your new girlfriend, hear me out.  Felonious….”  She cuts me off.  “Who the fuck is Felonious?”  My face is looking like I bit into the most sour thing ever.  I tell her that I don’t know her real name, so that I call her by what she told me she was when I first got here.  I feel something behind me……   Maria!!  Felonious yells at her to float her ass in somebody else’s business.  Maria not wanting any parts of that, decides to float around the prison tables.  “God, I need a pack of Newports bad!  That bitch ain’t right.”  “Felonious, according to the paperwork behind the nurse’s station, ain’t none of us right”.  “Bitch, my name ain’t Felonious!!  It’s Mary Catherine and if you tell anyone my real name, I will slice you sweet!”  “Are you shitting me?  Your name is Mary Catherine?  That is like the holiest name I have ever heard.  Who named you this?”  At that point, I struck a nerve and I can see it all over her face as she looks at the floor.  I feel bad and I start in by apologizing and pleading that we are still cool.  I tell her my real name is Jacinta Maria and Maria is a derivative of the name Mary.  She looks up and tells me that she ain’t no damn dummy.  She knows the bible backwards and forwards and she even knows that my name is a precious stone on the gates of heaven.  WHAT???!!!!  “How in the hell are you the most ‘Felonious Outlaw in the state of Florida’ and know the meaning of my name in a biblical sense?”  She tells me that she didn’t have a family.  The only family she knew was the Catholic orphanage that she grew up in close to Ybor City.  All of the nuns there made her know her bible versus and even taught her to speak Spanish.  She would serve as a lay person in mass and recite these verses in Spanish and in English.  The orphanage was strict.  Once she started going to public school in high school, she met a guy who told her he would take care of her and she ran away with him.  They robbed everything moving and lived from trailer park to trailer park.  She realizes that she has given me more information than she ever thought she would tell anyone.  “Look, don’t go all mushy on me and shit!  I’m still a bad bitch and I will fuck anyone up who thinks differently.”  My heart is full.  “I know you the shit Mary Catherine, I mean Felonious.  Good looking out earlier.  You can be a bad ass all you want, but ain’t nothing wrong with you.”  I walk off and let that little conversation sink in.  Dr. Sunni is watching on her way out towards the matrix room and takes a mental note.

“Yo, Sofie!  Hope you had a good time with Raul in Cancun.  Do me a favor.  There is a new patient here her name is Jacinta Daniel.  Her story for being here doesn’t add up.  Do you mind looking into it for me?  I think you will agree once you speak with her.  Her mug shot is in her chart.  Preciate ya!

P.S.- I heard her husband is fine as hell.  Don’t let Raul catch you watching!  LOL


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