Love For My Readers

I love you!!!! I love you!!!! I love you!!!!!

As much as I get on yall about catching up, it’s now my turn.  I had my second major surgery on last Thursday.  I am able to walk, talk, and eat when I am actually up. However, the pain meds have me whacky!

Everytime I write a post, it is from my head and my heart. Just know that I dont want to be accused of WUI… writing under the influence.  This blog has become such an important part of my life and my dreams of being able to love and help others.   Please be patient with me these next few days. I promise to get back up to speed.

In the meantime,  I would love to hear your thoughts and would LOVE to answer ANY questions you guys may have about what you’ve read so far!!!

Love ya!


4 thoughts on “Love For My Readers

  1. Relax, take your time and allow yourself to heal. You still have one more river to cross, one more mountain to climb; you need to be at full strength for that final step.

  2. So far this has been an emotional roller coaster just reading this. I can’t believe this all happened to you. I’m so grateful that you have such a fierce determined group of loved ones who have your back.

    My only suggestion is to adjust the formatting, or collapse the entries so it’s easier to read in one sitting. If I’m trying to read multiple blog entries in one sitting, I have to scroll down to the older post, finish reading the entry, scroll up past the entry I just read, and then scroll up even more to read the newer post.

    Love you!

    • Thanks love!! The formatting for the mobile version is an absolute nightmare! Especially with so many mobile versions. If you know someone that can help me make this more mobile user friendly, I will owe you 10 fold! There is supposed to be a collapsed link that you can minimize and/or maximize, but it seems like I am the only one that knows how to find it on my phone… go figure.
      Love you More!

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