How We Got Back Home XXVIII… Chapter 28

My heart is racing at this moment.  I am not sure what type of super powers Sofia Dupree has, but if she tells me that she can sell me a bridge, I am buying it to get up out of here.  As I walk behind her, I recognize the clicks on the floor.  Christian Dior, hombre gray patent leather, skinny strap on her ankle, size 38, 4 inches in height, Fall line 2012.  Something is wrong with me.  The fact that I know my labels and their foundation designers is beyond me.  My grandfather says that he thinks that I am a homing pigeon when it comes finding my way back home and knowing which handbag and shoe are designed by the same person.  GUILTY!  Born with the gift.

I will tell you this about myself, I tend to size up a person by the way they carry themselves.  It is not just the fashion it is the way that they appreciate it and present.  As I am sizing Sofia up, I can tell that she loves nice things.  The shoes that she is currently wearing are probably a pair she saw when she was out shopping one day, saw the price tag and politely put it back on the display stand.  One of her friends or significant others noticed that she put the shoe down and made a mental note to bring the shoe back up later.  When they brought the topic up, Sofia probably said something like, she could pay off one of her father’s medical bills with what it cost to buy those shoes.  Hence, why her man or her friend has surprised her with them and she just doesn’t know what to do.  End of the day she is punishing herself for even wearing them.  She is still thinking about her father’s medical bill, but these shoes are everything and she can’t take them back.  My kinda girl.

On the other hand, you have someone like Deborah that doesn’t even know what or who a Christian Dior is.  All she cares about is that some dude said he bought them for her (wrong size, cause he got them from someone who stole a box from the back door of the store).  She stupid enough to wear them in the wrong size and keeps trying to figure out why she got all these blisters on her feet).   Dude who gave her the shoes tells her that he paid something stupid like $1500 for them, when they are only $850.  Deborah’s heart melts and really thinks that the dude she has been on the phone with all day, with no interruptions at work, because he “owns his own company”, is in love with her.  Because he is in love with her, he wants to move in together.  So he suggests that he moves in with her, because it is still close to her job and he doesn’t want her to struggle while they start looking at properties where they can build a new house.  She is already texting her girlfriends talking about she got her a good man.  We all know or have a Deborah in our life that we think is absolutely nuts.  The best part is when you figure out that you are actually the “Deborah” in the group. USA, LLC

Neither here nor there, I follow Sofia into her very quaint office.  She gets straight to it and goes through my already two inch thick file to see where this office could have made any mistakes.  The file that becomes my saving grace is the questionnaire from the social worker that had a thousand questions about my “everyday lifestyle”.   As we are going through those questions and the humiliating ones that still made me feel some kind of way, there is a knock at the door and it startles the shit out of me.  I feel as though what Sofia and I are doing is wrong and we are going to get caught.  Sofia announces that the person on the other side can enter.  It is Dwight.  He is glad to see that Sofia is back and in addition,  he hands me the rest of his tax information from previous years to see if I can still get him some more tax breaks.   As cool as Dwight thinks that he is with Sofia, she is still his Supervisor, and she knows good and damn well that whatever he is asking me to do for him is not ethical in one bit.  All of us could get in trouble for whatever off the wall scheme Dwight is pulling.  He says that he is going to let us get back to whatever we are talking about and he will check with us later.    Sofia’s face is still looking in amazement.  I just tell her that I am helping him with his taxes.  This makes her run her fingers through her hair in frustration.

I am overwhelmed.  You can see it all over me.  I ask for a quick bio break and Sofia is super cool about it as she continues to go through my file information.  I take the opportunity to call Chico.  Finally, we are connected.  I tell him how much I love him and that this has seemed liked an eternity to me.  He agrees.  The tears are falling down my face and it is like he can see it through the phone.  He sounds as if he is in better spirits.  Which I am trying to figure out how that can be right now.  “Cint, I met with an attorney today that is trying to get us a hearing in Baker Court on Monday.  No promises or guarantees, but he is suppose to be one of the best Baker Act Attorneys in the state.  Has anyone like a social worker or hospital admin said anything to you about this information yet?  I know it is a Saturday, but I was hoping that there are some people still working on trying to do their job and not just spring this on you come Monday morning and you aren’t prepared.”  This sends me into overdrive overwhelm.  My head is in a thousand different places and I have no idea what to say, what to do, what to ask, or how to act.

I believe that Chic can pick up on this, and now he is sounding disappointed.  I think that he was expecting me to be more excited about the news that I have going on from my front.  “Babe, I am doing the best that I can.   I swear.   This Baker Act thing is harder than  you think and it is not just about who you know, it’s also about how much you got to get the hell out.”  I tell him my take on the situation and that I understand everything that he and Nicole are trying to do to help me.  I really and sincerely appreciate all that everyone is doing.  I guess I am feeling hopeless even with some of the positive strides that we are making.  I just don’t believe it for myself.  One thing that life has taught me is to prepare for the worst case scenario possible.  I am always waiting on the bottom to fall out and for the most part it has.  I just have the great gift of making it look like it was water rolling off of my back.  No one should have to do or start this sort of life behavior at the age of five.   Nobody.

Even being locked up in this open hell hole, I am wishing that there was a closet to lock myself in.  My three minutes are coming to a close and Chico tells me that he and Nicole are coming for visitation this evening and bringing me some new clothes.  They want to know if there is anything else that they can bring me and I say nothing, even though I wish it was a bullet.

When I get back to the room where Jordan is being held,  there are two nurses attending to her.  It is like I am going from one war to another.  The nurse asks if I can wait outside and she musts think I am stupid, because I am not going any damn where.   She tells me that Jordan is looping.  Looping is when you go into anaphylactic shock, drugs are administered to reverse the reaction, and you go into recovery.  At this point the reaction should have subsided and prednisone can be administered to ensure the cellular wall that was broken down from the allergic reaction is repaired.  Looping can occur when either there were not enough drugs administered to reverse the entire reaction or if your body has not been able to reject or refuse the substance that caused the allergic reaction in the first place.  The loop is actually worse than the original reaction and it is like going into code 10.  There is an 80% chance that looping can be addressed and the patient will be ok.  Timing is of the essence and as long as you are within the right timing, you will survive.  Luckily, we are already in the hospital with the right equipment and medication to make sure Jordan is ok.  This is a set back for us getting to Tampa where I know both Jordan and I are feeling eager at getting Jacinta out of her situation.  One thing at a time.  Jordan life depends on it right now.

As I walk back to Sofia’s office, I am stopped by Susan.  She starts with trying to flatter me for what reason, I am not sure.  I look at her with soft defeated eyes and I ask her if she is ok.  She says that she is.  She just wanted to tell me that I give her motivation and hope.  I am definitely confused on that one, cause there is nothing that I have done or said since I have been here to do any of that for anyone.  She tells me that she thinks she has some ideas and when I get a moment, she wants to go over them with me.  I tell her no worries, after dinner.  She is excited as she walks away.  I enter into Sofia’s office and she is in a battle within herself over whatever it is she is reading.  She looks up at me and says, “I think I found the loop hole!”

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  1. The suspense after each blog kills me slowly every time…I can’t take it!! LOL!!

    And you are right, we all know a “Deborah”.

    • I’m hollering because if you could have seen this chick, you and I would not have made it for laughing so hard at her. Thank you so much for always supporting me. I love you dearly! And that banana pudding is fyah!

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