Jacinta’s Slamming Banana Pudding

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Sweets are my thing!!!  You have no idea!  Hope you enjoy this simple desert recipe.  It is always a crowd pleaser.


5- 6 Large Bananas

2 – 2/3 Cups Sugar

1/2 Cup of All Purpose Flour

1/4 Teaspoon of Salt

1/8- Teaspoon of Nutmeg

6 cups of Milk

6 Jumbo egg yolks

1 Teaspoon of vanilla extract

1 Teaspoon of Rum

2 Packages of Nilla Wafers (Please don’t go cheap on the Nilla Wafers, it really does make a difference)


In a medium to large saucepan, combine sugar, salt, and flour.  Blend with a whisk.

Turn saucepan on medium-low heat and add the six cups of milk.

In a separate bowl, separate egg yolks and discard the egg whites.

Whisk in the egg yolks.   Constantly stir ingredients until the sauce starts to thicken about (15- 20 minutes.  You will know that you are at the right thickness when the bottom of the saucepan feels like you are scraping it with the whisk.)

Remove pan from heat.  Add Vanilla and Rum.  Whisk until well blended.  Set aside.

In a deep dish pan (I use my lasagna pan), layer the bottom of pan with Nilla Wafers.  Top with a layer of sliced bananas.   Add layer of pudding mixture making sure the layers are even all around.

Repeat this process until all ingredients are empty.  I tend to crush Nilla Wafers and spread them on top of pan for presentation.

Refrigerate overnight or at least 3 hours.  Serve with whipped cream and happy faces will be all around!!!





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