How We Got Back Home XXXI… Chapter 31

Visitation is just as exciting as it is hell consuming.  It’s like you are looking through the show window at Mayor’s Jewelers and you can’t get your eyes off of that diamond necklace.  Next thing you know, a sales person from the inside opens the little show window door and takes the necklace that you have been eyeing only to start packaging it up for the next couple.  You look at the couple and swear the only reason she is even getting the necklace is because has done something fucked up.  This is his way to fix it.  It is definitely cheaper to keep her.  If she went for the divorce, then your mistress would be pissed about the money she cant have as much as she did once before.

I know I am rambling.   However, I am sure that most of us has had this happen and stay perplexed about how you are not able to have what it is that you want so badly.  This is how I feel about Nicole and Chico leaving.  I feel as though the phone conversations are only three minutes and limits our interactions.  It seems that the minute I get finished hugging them, it is time for me to hug them again so that they can leave.   As I see my two best friends walk out into the matrix, I am making a mental note to find some paper and some crayons so that I can bullet point some things that we can focus on even when we can’t communicate.

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“Dinner” is now yelled by Ghetto who is still checking peoples arm bands while she is passing out trays.  She thinks she is doing something special by killing two birds with one stone.  I am feeling some kind of way because you can still smell the Clorox wipes that Nicole used just a few minutes sooner.  And here Ghetto is, touching everybody’s unclean arm and passing out the dinner trays.  I really loose my appetite then.  I am still siting with John who seems extremely irritated.  I assume the best way to keep him on your team is to leave him alone and he will eventually give you a clue as to what was wrong or what he is dealing with.  No problem.  He stops reading his mystery novel when he notices that I haven’t gotten up to my own tray after “coffee” has been called.

He puts the book down.  Gets his tray and returns to the table.  I am noticing that Felonious and Susan are scurrying to get back to the table where I am sitting.   John for the first time in my stay here, tells the “Doom Room” that he needs a minute and directs me to stay seated.  Ok.  This is making me think that John is really the Mob boss in here trying to buy time.  This hating his wife to be here is just too much for me to comprehend.   John sits and for the first time again, he is not eating and reading at the same time.    “Why aren’t you eating?”  I tell him that I just don’t have an appetite and the last super I had, really did feel like “The Last Super”  He tells me that he is not going to tell me again, but here is the skinny.

  1. You are not supposed with her in this shit hole ( I agree)
  2. I told you to follow very simple instructions…  Save your snacks, wake up, keep to yourself, etc.
  3. You are trying to buy yourself up out of here and that can be a natural reaction for someone who is very much a strategist.
  4. You can’t determine your game plan to get out of here and still have time to help these other people get out of this shit hole too .

I go into interrupting him, because I am really trying to make it through this situation the best I can and he interrupts me back to continue his lecture….

5. You are wasting time talking to anyone.  Your best bet is to keep Sofia and Dr. Sunni looking for you and wanting to talk to you.  They are the key to helping you to get to a better chance of helping your circumstances.

6. Stop doing everyone’s taxes that works in here.  This should further explain that these people are idiots and are willing to share their social security number with someone that is locked up on the Baker Act.   There is nothing that you can do to help him or anyone else for this matter.

This is the last time that I will tell you to stop acting depressed and start acting like you are getting out of here come hell or high water!

I get it and he is right.  He goes on and starts to eat the rubber chicken cutlet that they have provided us with what I think is rice and gravy. I get up to get my tray and try to start squirrel the fruit and the bread that is on my tray.  On my way to the table, Susan and now new best friend Mary Catherine wants to know if I can help them with each plan to help them get them out of this Backer Act issue too.   I look at John, who is looking at me and he is still proud that I take advice, but I also, use my head and direct it so that it still may help others.  We are allowed to go on the outside veranda as a treat for good behavior, signed off by Sophia.

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The Veranda at the “Doom Room” is just exquisite.  The chain link fences that cover the entire air space above us makes me feel so free.  Jesus, that building a fence was a joke!  I didn’t mean build a fence in so that it looks like I am wrapping my hair in wire.  Mary Catherine and Susan take a table that is the most pitiful looking thing that I have ever seen.  Rain damage is clearly ignored along with a gang of other shit that should be reported to the Pentagon.  Throughout our little outing, we go through four different strategies.  Two for each.  The sad thing is that Susan has a ton of information that she hasn’t even tapped into due to her condition.  This helps Felonious ten fold with her plan and this gets Felonious excited.  You can look and tell that this is the first time that she has ever sat down with two women that weren’t trying to steal or commit a felony with her.  It is as if we have allowed her to feel somewhat worthy and good enough.  I tell Susan to keep thinking through loop holes for Felonious.   She is going to have to do some jail time once her Baker Act is lifted, but there are some clauses that if you read through the information, she can use her time her in the “Doom Room”.  Felonious is going to have to play the “Crazy” card hard.

My suggestion is to get Susan to represent Felonious in her Backer Act Trial.  Instead of playing Jenga, they need to ride the hell out of the social workers in the back room to help them get a Baker Act Trial date.  Shit just doesn’t make any sense.  As a social worker, you should at lease have some compassion in order to do your job successfully.  I still haven’t wrapped my head around that one yet.  However, if they allow Susan to be Felonius’ attorney, this will get Susan the attention that she needs to prove that she just needs out patient psychiatric therapy.  As we are coming to the end of our thoughts, everyone around the table is all smiles.  Even Maria has floated her ass over to see if “Lewis” was up under the table hiding from her.

It’s now “Light’s Out!”  I believe getting some fresh air had served everyone some good.  The problem is that we let Daniel call Queen Trailer Park while we were outside and his temper is something to be alarmed about .  I am scrunched up on my pad just waiting for the black out shots.  He takes some books off of a book shelf and then he takes the book shelf and throws it to the other side of the room.  What pissed me off is not that he was mad, but then all of a damn sudden the washer machine was working.  Really???

Well something must have bounced off of that book shelf and broke the glass to the social worker room.  The orderlies and the nurses and definitely nervous and instead of getting Daniel to calm down, they are busy giving us shots so that we black out and we can’t help break up the issue.  Idiots.  What got to me the most was the sound of the metal against the wall and the linoleum, it sends me into a panic.  Full panic attack is what I am feeling but ironically I needed the knock out shot before I lost it myself.

It is about 5 in the morning or so maybe later.  I just heard the first plane land.  I look around and I am trying to get my bearings.  I really didn’t know where I was until I heard the clicks.  Click..Click..Click.  Now I think that I dreaming because I don’t believe Nicole, Sophia, or Jordan are here this time of morning.  It was as if it was on cue.  Sophia sees me and waves me over to her office.  There are still many others asleep and it is seeming like a perfect time to have a one on one without a lot of introductions.   Sophia goes on about us Cubans having to help each other out and she can already tell from my records that there is nothing that should be keeping me here in the “Doom Room”.  He suggestions that she and Dr. Sunni get me an expedited date for Baker Act Probation.  Not only is it too early in the morning for me to even understand what she is even talking about.  Her phone rings and she sends it to voicemail.  Her goal is to get me on Baker Act Probation as of today!!!  ARE YOU JIVING?!!!!  We just need to get some paper work put together and submit it before a county clerk to have processed.  I’m blown away and I am still trying to figure out what all of this means.

SO when you get on Baker Act Probation, you are still a ward of the state.  The probation allows you report into the “Doom Room” everyday at 6:00 a.m. sharp.  You are basically in the “Doom Room” until after dinner and at 9:00 p.m. you can leave and go home.  House arrest on a larger and grander scale.  The only way you are not supposed to be in the “Doom Room” is when you are being seen by a state appointed psychiatrist  that will be given medical administration and feedback to your assigned social worker.  This probation is in full effect until you are seen and tried at a Baker Act Trial.  Once all of the findings and reviews of your case is complete, a Baker Act Judge will determine your next steps.  Next steps could mean, going back to the “Doom Room” for another permanent sentence, continued probation, half-way house, etc….

What Sofia has done is add me as one of her patients.  I tell her that if she can at least give me this  opportunity I will owe her my life.  I am so hoping that she is reading this, because I literally owe this woman my life.

Meanwhile, Nicole is getting impatient at the Tampa Courthouse.  She is just not used to waiting.  It also sucks that she can’t have a shot of scotch to take the edge off.  Nicole is convinced that it is good for her and the baby, but Caleb is not having it.   Chico is feeling anxious as well.  He is praying that Fermandez has been able to get me out of hell.  He tells Nicole and Chico that he was able to up my actual Baker Act Trial until next week.  This is unheard of in this circumstance.  All we have to do is get to the hospital and have Jacinta sign the forms authorizing that she is indeed ready to appear in court.

I pick up the phone to call Chic to tell him the good progress.  He isn’t answering.  I call Nicole, no answer.  Unbeknown to any of us, Chico and Nicole had to leave their cell phones outside of the courthouse.  Here I am trying to tell them that I need them to come here STAT to sign me out. ….

They cant call me in here.  This is when I get back on my pad on the floor.   I pray to God.  Not sure what all I prayed about and/or for, I just needed him to help me and help those that were doing all that they could to help me.

I hear someone calling my name and it is Sophia wanting to review my paperwork with Dr. Sunni.  The others are up and about waiting for the breakfast cart.  At the same time, it looks like I am making moves.   I try calling Chico again from Sophia’s phone and still no answer.  I need him here to get me before this is going to be too good to be true.

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