How We Got Back Home XXXII… Chapter 32

You know as much as I complain, I think God has the best sense of humor.   As I am writing this, I am even thanking him for putting this somewhat smile on my face.  It is bittersweet.

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Okay, how do you pick the lesser of two evils.  Since I have gone through this experience, I almost feel as though I am not a part of the “everyday” person tribe.  Shout out to all of my family and friends that have been incarcerated, held against their will, forced to allow other people who have no idea or any clue as to who they are to be judged by them,  shout out to all of the real supporters, The Chico’s and the Nicole’s of the world, who on a daily and hourly basis do whatever they can to make sure that people are being CARED FOR in a HUMANE PROCESS.  I believe that it is truly unfair to be placed under any kind of act that will allow others to not advance or put you in a better position than when you walked through that front door.  I am on a ramble today because that is just the way I am feeling right now.  I find it interesting that the first thing they wanted to know about any person that has been locked up for murder in the state of Florida, was whether or not they had been Baker Acted.  I say all of this to say…..  If you have been convicted of being a ward under the Baker Act, this shit will follow you for the rest of your life.  If I decide to visit one of my favorite cousins in Tampa, have a glass of wine, leave and on my way home a drunk driver hits me head on….  They will search my record and lock me up before they even think about giving the drunk driver a breathalyzer test.  I go back to the “Doom Room” and this fool gets an instant bond hearing and is out in a few hours.  I say all of this to say is that we need to pay attention to our state and federal laws.  Make sure that you are personally aware of your rights.  Don’t end up in a struggle of holding on to your spouse, while they physically take you away and call you crazy the whole damn time.  That was all over the place… Sorry.

So here I am telling Sofia and Dr. Sunni that I am having trouble getting in contact with my husband.  It appears as though they are working a true court/ clerk favor to get certain paperwork signed, notarized and filed before 4:00 p.m.  Chico or someone that has been declared a Guardian will also sign that paperwork in order to have me released from the “Doom Room”.  Just like jail, you can either get out in 30 minutes or an additional four days, just because your paperwork did not come in complete.  I am banking on the 30 minute release option.  This is my only option.  I can not be here another day, couple of hours, nothing else.  I can’t.   Sofia is doing all she can to allow me to contact Chico.  Chico of all the times in the world, why are you not answering your phone?!  I love you, but when I see your phone, I am going to beat it to little bitty tiny pieces.

“Look Juan Carlos”…..  “Mrs. Binion, Juan Carlos is not my name”.  “Hector, I don’t give a damn what your name is, my brother is over there getting a certified cashiers check to pay this fee of an ungodly amount of money to ensure that my sister is out of that shit hole in the matter of hours.  I just want to make sure that even though he and I are very thankful for your urgency to our matter, I need your “he owes me a favor” ass to come through so that I can wash my sister’s hair tonight.”  Attorney Fernandez takes a moment to look at his shoes to ensure Nicole has not spit on him.  ” Ms. Binion”…..  “Oh no honey, I am Mrs. Nicole Binion”  “Well, Mrs. Binion, I can promise you that I will personally work urgently to ensure that your sister has justice regarding her Baker Act conviction…”  Nicole shakes her head as if her hair has gotten in her face and she has no hands to move it out of the way, “Marco, did you just say that Jacinta has a Baker Act conviction?  Like, C-O-N-V-I-C-T-E-D.  See black people look at that word as if a Voo-Doo lady has come for dinner, I am going to need you to make sure that you change that word to mean sponged, case closed, confidential, redacted, or whatever the hell else you got going on to make sure that she is in no where in the world with a conviction close to her name on a piece a paper, matchstick box, souvenir from Cancun, computer, and/ or beeper.  You cool with this?  Because if we not on the same page, you know what, don’t worry about whether or not we are on the same page…  (In her saddest tone and face) get her back to me.   “Mrs. Binion, I will do you one better, I will not cash this cashier’s check until she is at least on a probationary period.”

I am in the line at the bank and I am just hoping that everything that Jacinta and I have in all of our accounts have enough to make her mine again.  My phone is steady vibrating.  I was distracted by all of the things that have been happening within the last few hours.  I answer without even looking to see who it is.  “Chic!”  “Cint , OMG, baby I miss you and I love you and I need you.  Tears are rolling down my face.  The bank teller is looking like she is about to cry too and she doesn’t even know the situation.  Jacinta is talking super fast.  I don’t understand anything that she is saying.  Nicole is over on the other side of the lobby and I am hating to be Attorney Fernandez right now, he looks like she is reading him the business.  Jacinta is screaming in the phone to come to the hospital. I try to tell her what just happened with the court and the phone call drops.

I run outside to tell Nicole that we have to go.  “Mr. Daniel, I see that you have a serious sense of urgency, but business is business.  I need the cashier’s check as a sign of good faith that our services will be paid as they are rendered.  In addition, we need to have these forms signed and notarized stating that Mrs. Daniel agrees to continue her stay at Tampa Memorial Hospital as a ward of the state of Florida until a date for the Baker Act Trial has been declared.  You are her spouse and will be signing with the understanding that you will be responsible for her in any capacity, whether she is in custody with the state or on probation in an approved housing unit.  Do you understand what you are signing?  Do you understand that you also need the signatures of Mrs. Daniel, the hospital director of Psychiatry, and a Baker Act appointed clerk of the state?”  Nicole has the biggest “What the Fuck, look on her face, she is pissed and is trying to take the check out of my hand.   The old Nicole would have beat him with her shoe.  Thanks Caleb for taking the time to calm your wife down and allowing her to be ghetto classy.

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The battery on Sofia’s phone has completely died.  I tell her that I know that Chico hears the urgency in my voice and that he will be here.  I know it.  Dr. Sunni looks at both of us and says, “Let’s pray that he gets here soon.  I can get you on probation to go to home tonight if he plays his time card right.  As long as you check in to “Doom Room” probation, you will be able to sleep in your own bed and eat your own food until Baker Act date is set.  I have my fingers crossed.”

I walk out of the office and fall to the floor in tears.  I don’t know if they are happy, scared, or sad tears.  But tears are tears.  Chic, come get me!!!

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