How We Got Back Home XXXV… Chapter 35

“Raul, you are the sweetest and you guessed it…  I was hungry as hell.  Thanks for bringing me some of my favorites.”  I so appreciate this man.  He watches me eat and he makes sure that I am ok.  He surrounds me with his invisible love and I am reminded of how great it feels to be a part of something beautiful.   I thank him again and tell him just how much I love and appreciate him.  I don’t want us to ever be a part.  I promise that I will work on being available more for our relationship and getting myself prepped to move in with him.  This makes him so happy and he is excited and somewhat loud.  I am trying to calm him down, so that he is not making a scene.  There is another couple that is sitting not too far from us.  They are not looking happy.  They look worried and anxious.  I feel bad for them.  Raul is celebrating like it’s 1999 and they are probably in a very bad time in their lives with someone in the hospital or from the looks of it, she is pregnant.  I truly hope that nothing is wrong with her baby.  I often envision what a family with Raul will look like and it makes me feel for her even more.  It is hard enough to bring a child into this world, but to be stressed out while pregnant is not a good thing either.  However, my eyes catch this chica’s zappatos and I am now saying that things can’t be that bad if she is wearing those red bottoms and carrying a child.  She is now my new hero.

I turn my attention back to Raul and my lunch .  He is already on Zillow looking for a new spot for us.  I tell him that I don’t have a lot of time to spend with him eating this great lunch.  He knows that I am behind at work because of our little get away.  He has this look on his face that always scream “defeated”  I kiss him and tell him that I truly want him to understand why I am doing the job that I am doing here at this hospital.   Raul always understands and he tells me that he is so proud of me and how big my heart truly is.  He just wants a bigger piece for himself.  Too, too sweet.  While I finish my last few bites of rice and beans, he starts to ask me how my day has been going so far.  I tell him that I have patient who has honestly been admitted wrongly and that I am doing my best to get her out of this Baker Act mess.  He knows that the two words “Baker Act” is a touchy subject and as always, he encourages me to work my magic and make things right with the world.  I give him a few more details about the case and I was eating and drinking so fast that once that last drop of Fanta Uva went down, all of the air in me let out this huge embarrassing burp.  I look around trying to make it seems as if it is Raul’s doing, but he is laughing too much to make that a believable one.

I am a New Yorker.  We are born to ear hustle.  Trains, restaurants, apartments, office buildings, hell, walking down the street will make you pay attention to everything around you.  I am sitting here going through my Insta Gram trying to keep myself busy and my mind focused on something else.  I refuse to answer any calls or emails from work.  If I am out, then I am out.  Plain and simple.  If the place is on fire, put the fire out and the fact that we are a global insurance company, I am sure we can get the place back into tip top shape.  Then it comes, “I am trying to help a woman who has been wrongfully Baker Acted.”  All things stop at this point and now I am eying the Jenifer Lopez look alike and trying to figure out who she is.  She doesn’t have on a doctor’s coat, but she does have on a hospital badge and some bad ass Christian Dior pumps.

“Excuse me, my name is Mrs. Nicole Binion and you may be??”  The two look confused and awkward at the way that I have approached myself and just jumped into their little circle.  I am quite sure that they are absolutely clueless about who I am and why I am asking them who they are.  However, the blinking of my mink lashes is pushing her to answer the damn question, while I give her this fake and polite smile.  It is as if I am asking them who they are because I may know them or they may know me.  Not on Duty.  The young woman clears her throat and says that her name is Sofia and she is a staff member her at the hospital.  She wants to know if she can help me with anything.  Well she is just the thing I have been looking for.  “Absolutely, you said a statement just a minute ago.   I was ear hustling at the time.  Your words were, ‘I am trying to help a woman who has been wrongfully Baker Acted.’  Is this actually what you said or did I just over hear something entirely different?”  The man that is with her becomes defensive and stands to address me.  Chico at this point is walking over to where we are.  “Listen honey, I came over here in peace, I am not here to hurt your sweetie pie.”  Lashes still a flapping.   They both look at me as if I have a helluva nerve, but I really don’t give a shit about that.  This whole area is beginning to make me think that I am in a foreign country because my sister has been captured.

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What in the hell is Nicole doing now.  She just doesn’t have a filter.  How did I not see her get up and walk over to this couple and now she is over there looking like she is ready to show out.  Damn it!  “Uhh, hey, Nicole is everything ok over here?  What’s going on?”  The other guy has his chest all puffed out like he went to the gym with me and I am laughing inside about his confidence.  “Absolutely not! Chico this is…  what is your name again?”  She says that her name is Sofia and that she works in the Mental Health facility of this hospital.  Jesus must be answering my prayers as we speak.  I need any string that I can pull to get to Jacinta.

I am sitting here and it comes to me that I need to sign these documents as soon as possible.  What pisses me off is that I don’t have a pen to provide my signature.  I guess they want me to do this shit in orange crayon. This degrades me.  I am trying to compare to see if they are saying the same language or if it is just a copy of what Sofia wanted me to sign.  So far, I have been honest and true since I have been here and it has gotten me no where except for the “Doom Room”.  Damn I can use a shower.  I do my best thinking and praying there.  It’s like facing God the way he made you.  I always think clearer afterwards and prepared to take on the world.  Well that is damn sure not happening up in here.  Only one person has taken a shower on a consistent basis with the whole “Doom Room” watching and that is Daniel.  He clearly doesn’t give a shit.  He says he doesn’t even feel clean afterwards because the soap is just wax and the shower itself is filthy.  Oh well.

The officer calls Disgusting over and they have some small talk.  Group is still going.  John is rubbing his beard as if he himself is nervous and is in serious thought.  He is clearly not paying attention to anything that is going on in Group. Susan is the one speaking now and typically Carol is all ears, this time is different.  Carol continues to turn her head around to see what I am doing.  They have no idea what is going on and why I am at the prison table looking at paperwork.  They know this is not the taxes that I am working on for Dwight.  My face says that I have not one clue as to what I am doing. I truly believe that they are concerned.  In one way, they want me to stay and in another way they understand why I want to be free.  We all want to be free.

“Daniel!”  Both myself and Daniel look up and Disgusting is headed over to me.  Listen you need to sign this stuff so I can fax it over.  Clearly he doesn’t follow instructions well.  In reality the officer told him to sign the paper work that he had given him and return it to him in order to take it to Chico.  The other document that Sofia has asked me to sign has instructions on the top stating to fax documents to this 800 number when completed.  He needs to scan his arm too.  Dumb ass.   Fuck it!  I sign both documents in orange crayon.  I give the whole thing over to Disgusting and he is now at the nurses station faxing all of the paperwork to the courthouse.  Once he is done, he gives the entire packet to the officer.  Both signed documents are now in the hands of the officer and he is on his way back to the lobby.  I don’t know if I have done the right thing or not.  I just pray that I did.  I go to the phone banks and they are turned off.  I can’t call Chico or Nicole to tell them what just happened.  I take my place in Group and my mind goes off into space.

Meanwhile, two different court clerks are receiving signed documents from me.  Neither know of the other document.  It is in the Lord’s hand now as to who can get what processed first.  Lord let this be a 30 minute decision and release.   I sit there silent like John, only I am spaced out in a different world.


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