How We Got Back Home XXXVI… Chapter 36

Jacinta tends to quote her grandmother often.  She always says that “things have a way of working themselves out”.  The fact of the matter is that this is true.  Truer than any other thing besides dying.  It is amazing what a pair of great shoes can do to bring women together.   As much as we like to impress our men, we really go hard on the fashion to impress other women.  Ask anyone that is currently in session and I bet you he shoe and purse game is on pointe.  The reason I even paid any real attention to this chick Sofia is because she had on those Dior’s.  Ok it also helped that her man was fine and he was holding a bag of food from Carmine’s.   However, it is definitely the shoes that had me look the first time.  Chico, myself, Raul, and Sofia are now having what I consider to be a serious discussion.  Chico is explaining our situation to the two and Raul’s stance on us backs down quick.  Sofia turns from excitement and then to worry.

“Ok, so let me get this straight.   You have sent court documents for Jacinta to sign to file a motion with the court for a speedy Baker Act Trial?”.   I explain that I just sent the officer to their floor to get Jacinta to sign those papers and then the officer agreed to bring them back down to me.   Sofia gets to clicking and tells me to come with her.  She asks Raul and Nicole to stay in the lobby just in case the officer misses them in passing.  “We need to make sure Jacinta signs the right documents.  I will explain on the elevator.”  Sofia and I make a run for it.  Nicole looks Raul over and asks if he has any deviled crabs left….

In sure enough Jacinta’s luck,  the officer is back on his way to the lobby with all of the paperwork that was given to him by the orderly, while the other elevator is lifting Sofia and Chico to the “Doom Room”.

As we head out of the elevator, I notice that once we enter the matrix room, the level of stance is low.  Sofia must really be the Little Princess around here.  Everyone’s mood just changes once she is by.  I notice that she shows everyone that she comes in contact with the same “angelic- like” respect.   She tends to know something personal about each person and genuinely asks them how their day is going so far.   We get through the matrix room and Sofia’s heels are clicking fast like Nicole’s.  I notice that the clan was all in Group.  Jacinta doesn’t even see me.  It takes John to nudge her arm and he points my way.  She gets up and runs to me.  Sofia is happy to see us together and her facial expression is of accomplishment and help.  She shuffles us off to her small office and we start to go over the next steps.

God is good!  I am so happy to see Chico.  I know that from one time to the next has only been a few hours.  However, those hours are not “free” hours.   Chico is super excited.  He is explaining this information to us about he documents he had sent for me to sign.  I tell the two of them, that I have signed both documents just not knowing which or what was what.  Sofia asks where the documents are.  I tell her that Disgusting took them and faxed them at the nurses station.  After that, I am unsure as to where the documents are.  Sofia tells us to stay seated and she hurries out of her office.    This whole situation is way overwhelming and to be honest, I have no idea as to what is going on.  Chico is breaking it down to me and at the same time trying to console me.  He tells me that he can always read my eyes and he knows where my head is at when he gets a certain look.  Either way, he is explaining that both he and Sofia are doing all things possible to help me and get me out of this situation.  Maria on the other hand is floating back in forth in front of Sofia’s office because Lewis is inside and you know how that goes…

I go to the orderly that Jacinta said she gave the paperwork.  She calls him “Disgusting” and in my head I am thinking she is damn shoal right.  “Excuse me, don’t mean to bother you, were you given some documentation on a patient that we have,  Jacinta Daniel?”  This idiot tries to shift himself to look more important than what he really is and I go along with it for kicks.   He looks around his sitting area at the nurse’s station and says that he doesn’t have any paperwork for a “Jacinta Daniel”.  He is an idiot and he is lying.  Fuck it, I come around into the nurse’s station and I start looking around for the paperwork myself.  He is taken off guard from this and starts to get loud about me “crossing the line”.  Fool there is no line!  Finally, Ghetto comes into the station, probably to be nosy.  “What’s going on with yall?”  I ask her if she has seen any paperwork on Jacinta Daniel and sure enough she has.  “You remember that paper we had to send over the fax machine and I had to help you fax it cause you didn’t know?”  Now all of a sudden his ass remembers.  “Oh, I wasn’t even paying any attention to the name on that paper.  I was just told to fax it and give it to the floor officer.  So that’s what I did.”  I walk off and in my dust I thank them.  What a waste.  If they could just get some motivation about themselves, they could actually make a difference for themselves and with others. USA, LLC

I go to the matrix room to see if I see the officer, no luck there.  I catch the elevator back to the lobby where I see Raul, Nicole, and the officer having a conversation.  Apparently, the officer is familiar with Nicole and they are at a standoff.  Raul is trying to explain the situation.  The officer is apologizing that he can not hand over any of this documentation to anyone other than Jacinta Daniel and Chico Daniel.    I interrupt this little party and the officer eases up when he realizes that it is me.   I introduce him to Raul and Nicole and that they are with me. I tell him that I need the file on Jacinta Daniel because she is my assigned patient.  He trusts me with this information and ask.  He kindly gives me the folder and Nicole sits down with the expression of “Guess who won that match?” on her face.  Any other time and any other place, I bet Nicole is fun as hell to hang around.   Poor Raul, he really had it cut out for him today.  Lucky for him, he is able to work from home and no one assumes that he is missing.

I am on the elevator going through the entire folder.   SO, this idiot has faxed both documents to one number.  I am the lucky one out of this game.  Those two fools didn’t notice the two different fax numbers for each court clerk.  They just wrote down the attention of both clerk’s name.  Thankfully, they sent everything over to my clerk.  The only problem is that we are missing Chico’s signature as her assigned guardian.

Sofia is in a true huff.  She is out of breath and I tell her to slow down.  She kindly asks if I can sign this document and she is going to have to resend it back to the clerk.  I do as she asks.  Sofia runs out again and again, I don’t know how these women do it with these high heels,  I am missing how this is not a struggle for them.  This is how I know women are stronger than men.  I am not arguing that shit ever.

I am on the phone with my friend at the clerk’s office and I am explaining to her what has just occurred.  She tells me that she is on it and will pass it to her magistrate to sign and return for the Baker Act petition to release the patient to probation status,  She tells me that I need to be on standby.  Once this document has been approved, it is up to the tending mental facility as to how soon they will process this and release the patient.  The patient can be released immediately if this is done in the right time.    I thank her tremendously and tell her that lunch is on me next week.  I run back to my office to tell Jacinta and Chico that we are well on our way.  She starts to cry silent tears and I truly understand her pain.  I did the same thing when they finally started talking about letting Papi out.

I tell the two of them that they can hang out in my office while I catch up on a few things.  I am hoping that this process is turned around like yesterday.  She didn’t deserve to be here.  As I look around the “Doom Room”, none of them deserve to be here.  This should be a facility of dignity and uplifting and yet it looks and smells like a jail.  How can you be jailed for being unwell?  I make it my next mission to review everyone in that circle for myself.  It is obvious that this “Social Worker” situation is not socially doing anything to help anyone here.  This includes the nurse’s and the orderly staff.  Something has to change.   I look at my phone again to see if my friend has hit me back.  She hasn’t.

Tick Tock…. Tick Tock…. Tick Tock…

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