Jacinta vs. Cint

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It has been brought to my attention that I need to bring back the old Cint.

This chick was the one that was bad and had all the niggas bent.

Just trying to get a close glimpse of her sweet smelling scent.

None of it was for sale.

Because if you knew Cint, she didn’t believe in pockets that were light.

She only believed in those niggas who were willing to take the next flight.

Miami, New York, D.C., Jamaica, always keeping her on the go,  this was just the way that Cint would flow.

So keep that passport ready to be stamped.

You never know whether Cint would be with Teddy’s or Pharrell’s camp.

But there is not much difference between Jacinta and Cint.

I was born Jacinta, and Cint was just to give you a glimpse.

If you thought Cint was fine, Jacinta had not even given you a chance.

Because at 15, Cint didn’t even have an ass.

Cint was a true gold digger. for this much is true.

She didn’t give a shit if she took from you, and you, and you.

Cint went away and left Atlanta alone.

Yes, shit was personal, but I wouldn’t be gone for long.

I took my ass to Hampton to show yall that Atlanta wasn’t whack.

This ended up with Cint hooking up with a nigga who sold crack.

Not the kind of crack that you are thinking.

The crack that Cint was around was just the powder in the making.

See Cint wasn’t up for retail.

This would only mean that this shit would resale.

Wholesale was the name of his game.

He taught her how to be dope and keep a nigga’s change.

Never having to be dependent on anyone else.

Cint did shit that even now doesn’t make her proud of herself.

She drove that gold Lexus Coupe and had them heads turning.

Little did she know that other cats were out there burning.

Trying to take from the man that she was holding.

And then one night she woke and shit was over.

Her dad having to call in favors just to keep her undercover.

It was not easy being the Cint that everybody wanted her to be.

There were still several things that Cint still had to do for me.

Jacinta still needed that Hamptonian degree.

So that she could keep her dad’s lectures up off of me.

And just by the skin of my teeth did I succeed.

It could have only been God that made that creed.

Lived in several cities and started that “Good Job”.

For years and years they hurt me and they robbed.

I had many talents and I gave it all to them.

In every single corporate meeting, I was considered the team’s gem.

Yet, my boss used my bonus to pay off his house.

I didn’t complain, confront, I was quiet as a mouse.

See I had to come up with something I call a strategy.

This shit that they were doing was killing me.

It was then that I realized that I had to let Cint go.

My name is now Jacinta and so far, this is what people know.

They don’t know about that beast that was in college and high school.

They only thought and sought to hear out that Cint was a fool.

Because anybody can tell you that Cint is funny as hell.

She will joke you and talk about you and make you think she is not treating you well.

But now the joke is on her you see.

Because Kraft let her ass go because she wanted to marry.

So now Jacinta and Cint are living in purgatory.

They have to sit in front of a lawyer and give her their story.

“This is why Jacinta deserves this and that”.

The niggas at Kraft treated her like crap.

It was the men up top that made Jacinta snap.

Accused her of stealing money that she didn’t even have access to.

And even right now, I can tell you who, and who, and who.

And so, Jacinta had to put Cint away.

Because if she had not it would have been hard time to pay.

Cint was the one that would have talked her into doing things.

That only a fool would start in order to string.

There are only a few chances that you see Cint now.

She and Chico moved to Florida thinking about the how.

It was the how that lead her to work for Coke.

Now Jacinta is in a situation that is an entirely new joke.

Jacinta is very crafty at what she can do.

She can take your twenty and flip it double or to two.

Making money was the real nature of her craft.

But sometimes men, took advantage and laughed.

They smiled in her face and told her she was good.

Then one morning she found out she wasn’t and ended up in the hood.

See Jacinta is not from Florida and doesn’t quite understand the rules.

But finding out that she was sick , gave her and Chico the blues.

So out to the doctor before it is too late.

As I pass out a sigh,  they tell me that my blood pressure is too high.

Chico takes me to the hospital to get me stable.

Next thing I know I am sitting at a prison table.

Still being Jacinta , because Cint has been put away.

I have to be Jacinta in order to be ok.

Because Jacinta is the one that thinks clearly and doesn’t get it confused.

Cint is the bitch that will get you on the news.

The “Doom Room” was one of horror and joy.

I learned, listened, and wasn’t allowed to toy.

Chico and Mena did what they could.

They came and visited me, they made sure that I was good.

I knew I had a melt down and was having one throughout.

But neither of them judged me, they just heard me out.

I know that going forward Jacinta, was going to have to do a lot to fix.

But with the right help, I know that God was going to hand me the fly re-mix.

We left in the middle of the night to get back home.

So many people here and each one of them still think I am gone.

No one comes to check on me.

I have isolated myself , like only the scared would.

You won’t be able to catch Jacinta or Cint even if you could.

See now I have PTSD, and that was shit that should have never even happened to me.

I also suffer from panic attacks.

There is no way in hell that you could’ve told Cint that.

Because see Cint was that bad bitch.

The one that made you wonder…. if, when, and can she go under.

The truth of the matter is, Jacinta is much stronger.

You just think Cint was bad because she had a flat stomach and her hair was longer.

Jacinta is the one with the cash and manages it well.

People out here trying to figure out what type shit Chico sell.

Well it ain’t what you think and what you think might not even be true.

But trust me when I tell you that Jacinta will see this shit through.

Tired of being considered old and fell off.

I see that “Cint” shit set yall up to be soft.

Because when Jacinta is back and hits that scene.

Yall gone think a nigga like me is trying to be mean.

Just know my heart and pick which one you like.

Both have a way to go, so enjoy the hike.

Jacinta is still standing and Cint is also.

Make sure you think this shit out before you say Jacinta is “so-so”.


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3 thoughts on “Jacinta vs. Cint

  1. Your blog has thoroughly taken me on an emotional journey and has made an unforgettable impact on me. I can’t even imagine what it was like to go through that experience first hand. I am inspired by your bravery to bare your truth in this manner. I’m certain it is cathartic for you. I am cheering for you and praying for you. Be well.

    • Wow, you make me speechless and ever so humble. Thank you. It is extremely hard to know when i am given a compliment. In my mind I dont even believe that my work is all that. However, when I recieved your message, it brightened my day and allowed me the motivation to push forward with what i need to do for me. Its a blessing that it may impact and bless others too. Keep watching and reading. So many more books on the way. This is just book 1. We have 7 more that are already outlined.
      Continue to provide me with questions and feedback. It truly gives me energy and inspiration.
      Thanks again for loving me!

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