To My Readers

You have no idea how this blog has helped me through such a trying time.  Your support and constant compliments have pushed me to get all of this off my chest and it feels good.

My favorite book in the bible is the book of JOB.  God gave Job 42 chapters.  So you will find that each of my books will give you the same.

Please don’t fret or leave me.  I have seven more books outlined to tell my story!!!!

Find out what happens next in the new series “In Atlanta”.

I love you and thanks again for all of your support.

One thought on “To My Readers

  1. This has truly been an inspiration to read and understand your story. I can relate to some and some has opened my eye to situations in my own life. Thank you for sharing and hope it did you good to get this off of your chest. Be blessed.

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