In Atlanta I…. Part I… Chapter 1

I decide to sit at the bar another hour or so.  Truth be told, I needed some space from all of this Florida shit too.  I pay the bartender and instead of going straight to the lobby elevators, I venture outside.  “Mr. Daniel, do you need your car brought around?”  I am kind of caught off by someone knowing my name. It is the valet.   When we visit Atlanta, with Baylor, this is the hotel that we typically stay.  They know us well.  They know Baylor even better.  They know that Jacinta is going to tip big for taking care of her baby.  I tell the valet that I just came out for some fresh air, he nods and leaves me be.  I walk around the hotel garden courtyard.  The foliage on the trees reminds me of Spring.  It is March.  Jacinta’s birthday is on the fifth of April. I had honestly forgotten all about it until now.  I guess I need to get into planning mode.  Part of me is dying to get back upstairs, for one I am exhausted.  Secondly, I want to see how she is doing.   I am curious as to why she wanted me out of the room so badly.

This starts me wondering and I find myself entering the room with my key and Jacinta laying across the bed sleep.  Her hair is all over her head and she only has on the hotel robe.  Any other time, this would have been fair game for me to wake her up with kisses going down from her neck to there.  She would have woke up and just like that we were in sync.  As I look at her now, I am scared as hell to touch her or even make a sound that I am even back in the room.  I don’t want to scare her.  Scared is something that I know she is and she is trying to fight it.   For now, I slide in the bed next to her and I fall off into my own deep sleep.

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I am physically hot.  I don’t know why it is so warm and why feel so sweaty.  I look up and I notice that the man that should have been a prisoner is looking me from across the “Doom Room” floor, once he catches that I have looked his way, he starts sticking his tongue out and making sexual gestures with it.  I am disgusted and I look away.  I can tell I am still in the “Doom Room” and this confuses me.  I thought that I got out and drove to Atlanta….  But as I look around, I am far from there.  John is at his table reading the newspaper.  Carol is on the phone begging and pleading for someone to pick up.   Maria is floating her ass off around the room.  I am now freaking out.  I know that I got out of this mother fucker and you mean to tell me that I am back in here?  Ain’t no fucking way!!!

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I stand up to see if I can find a nurse or an orderly.  Anybody at this point, that can help me understand how I got back in here.  I walk around the “Doom Room”.  Maria is floating behind me as if she wants to know how I got back in here too.   As I am passing the prisoner,  he grabs my arm and pushes me up against the wall.  He is trying to hump me!  He has one of my arms plastered to the wall and I am not able to move.  Tears are coming down my face.  I am screaming and John doesn’t even look up from reading his paper to see that I am in trouble.  Prisoner, decides to whip his penis out and is looking for a way to get my hospital scrubs off of me.  My eyes are darting around the room and I am trying to understand why nobody is coming to my help.  I don’t see any nurses or people of authority.  This man’s breath and body odor are horrendous.  My arm starts to feel numb from the squeeze that he has on me.  I am trying to kick my way out of this one and it is not working like I need it to.  It dawns on me that this man is about to rape me.  As hard as I am kicking, it is like he doesn’t feel a thing.   Just as he gets my hospital pants off, I feel someone grab my face from the side.

I am normally awaken by Baylor in the morning.  He always has to go out about 6 a.m.  Jacinta is the one that walks him, but his little pleads always opens my eyes.  This morning however, and I mean 5 a.m.  I feel a kick to my left shin.  Jesus Christ!!!!  This wakes me slam out of my sleep.  I am ready to fight whoever has started this one.  My eyes adjust and I realize that we are in the hotel room.  I look over and Jacinta is all over the bed.  She is kicking, she is crying, she is sweating.  She is SLEEP!  I run over to the other side of the bed where I find Baylor on the floor whimpering for his mother.  I grab her face and just like that I get kicked again.  This time in my ear.  DAMN IT!  Jacinta’s eyes are racing and she has absolutely no clue where she is and she is hysterical.  I try holding her arms down and this just makes her kick and fight even harder.  Her eyes are open and I think that she can hear me, but she just doesn’t understand what is happening around her.  “Baby, its me!  Wake up babe!  I think you are having a nightmare!  You are safe!  You are with me!”  This makes he stop completely.  Sweat and tears are running down her innocent face and she doesn’t even know why.  She looks around the room and starts to wail.  I hug her and we rock together back and forth.  I keep kissing her on the top of her head and telling her that she is ok and nothing or no one is going to bother her ever again.

I go to the bathroom and I get some cool wash cloths to wipe her down.  I tell her to sit up in the bed.  She throws the robe off and is looking for clothes.  I tell her to just sit there.  I go to her purse and get a water from the mini fridge.  I give her a Xanax and she takes it quick.  Her breathing is still heavy and her chest is going up and down.   What a way to wake the hell up.  I was getting some good sleep too.   I feel sorry for my baby.  She has totally been through hell and I am not sure what this nightmare was about and at this moment I don’t want to ask her.  I am not even sure if she is still fully aware of her surroundings.   I call down to guest services and I ask if I can have someone walk Baylor.  I proceed to call room service and order us some breakfast.  My eyes have not left Jacinta.  From the look in her eyes, she is definitely not herself.  I am worried and at the same time, I am not about to call anyone for medical help.  She has been through enough.  I open the curtains to bring in the Georgia morning sun.  I am hoping that she can look out the window and see the Atlanta skyline.

With tears falling down her face again, she says “Babe, don’t ever let them take me back to that place again.”  I am saddened that she is in so much distress.  I go back to her and I hold her.  “Don’t worry baby, that is never going to happen again ever!  I am going to make certain of it……   We in Atlanta now……..

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