In Atlanta V… Chapter 5

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My iPhone is vibrating again.  People need to understand my schedule even if it has not been published.   I am typically on a video conference call or in a face to face meeting on a regular.  Everyone knows this.  I look down at my phone and I see that I actually have a missed call from Chico.  I think that it is weird that he is calling me out of the blue or in the middle of the day like this.  I haven’t spoken to Cint in a week or so, but that is not uncommon.  I shake it off for now and decided to call him back once I get a chance.  It can’t be that important.  He must be trying to plan something for Cint’s upcoming birthday.  Jacinta is my oldest friend.  We met in pre-school where my mother and her grandmother became close friends.  The rest is history.  I spent most of my childhood and teenage years hanging out at Waterford.  I consider myself more than just a friend.  Jacinta and her family are my family.  I am an only child and both of my parents died when I was very young.  If Jacinta and Jordan was doing something, I got thrown into the bunch as well.  We have the relationship that just keeps on ticking.  No matter what is going on in the world, she and I have each other’s back always.

My phone vibrates again and I can tell that others sitting at the conference room table are somewhat perturbed that I haven’t just muted my phone.  I love my job, but I am in the constant know.  I have children of my own and I don’t ever turn off my phone completely.  Besides I have been a Human Resource Executive for this company for almost 8 years.  They better get over themselves, because I ain’t the one.  I am truly hoping that my endless days of not wearing the same thing twice is fooling these folks.  I am snobbish enough to look down on them and hood enough to go off in this bitch too.  So just as I am agitated with them looking at me all crazy, they are agitated with my insistence on being the hard core bitch that I am.  I am the most professional and the truth be told, they need me more than I need them.  So there is no pressure here.   I look at my phone screen to see that Chico has now sent me a text message to call him as soon as possible.   This better be good….

I sent the text to Karla and I am waiting on her to respond.  I know that Jacinta trusts her just like she does Nicole.  Either way, I need her help and I need her to keep this situation on the low.  I believe she is good for it.  In the meanwhile, I ask Nicole what could I get she and Cint to eat.  We decide that that good and faithful Waffle House “To- Go” is going to be the move.  Bourgeois or not, we gone always be good enough for some damn Waffle House.    As I am getting myself together to call in our order, my phone rings and it is Karla calling me back.  “This better be a good one, what’s up with you blowing up my phone in the middle of the day?  I was in a meeting.”  This is just the way that Karla Monroe moves.  She is straight to the point and always has a strategic solution as if whoever asked her the question wasn’t thinking.  I know that her attitude is nothing to take personal.  Cint said that she had been curt her whole life and nothing about that was going to change.  Karla was into all of the latest fashions and loved to put things together.  She truly is missing her calling of being a professional stylist.  However, I know I need to get on with my situation before she hangs up on me.

“Karla, Cint is sick”.  I start to tell her what kind of sick but she interrupts me before I can go on.  “When you say sick, how sick?  Hospital sick?  I need to call Joseph sick? or does she just need to come out of that closet of hers?”  Like I said before, Karla and Nicole knew Jacinta like a book.  “Karla, this is a ‘I need you to come here kinda sick’.”  She lets that statement sink in a bit and then she says that there is no way that she can fly into Tampa within the next few days.   I tell her, that we aren’t in Tampa anymore.  This causes another pause.  “Well where the hell are yall?”  “K, we are in Atlanta…  for good.” I tell her a bit of what is going on and she cuts me off again.  “Text me the address Chic.”  The line goes dead and I figure that she gets it.

I am slowly but surely realizing that I am in my bed, but I am still confused on what just happened and where I am.  This is unreal.  I feel awful.  My body hurts and I can’t explain any of it.  I look around and Chico is not in the bed with me.  Baylor on the other hand is laying down at my feet on post as usual.  I hear voices downstairs and it starts to come to me that we are in the new house.  This eases my nerves a bit.  I put on my robe and I walk downstairs to see what is going on.  I am shocked to see Nicole sitting on the sofa flipping through her phone.  Chico is on his phone, no telling who he is talking to.  I just hope he isn’t putting an ad in the Atlanta Journal and Constitution to tell everyone that we are back home.  They don’t notice me at first and then I ask “What are yall doing?”  They both look at each other oddly.  “Am I missing something?  What’s going on?  Nicole, why are you here?”

I can’t believe Jacinta doesn’t know what just happened almost an hour ago.  This makes me sad again, but I can’t show it.  Sick or not, Jacinta will turn into Wonder Woman if she thinks someone needs her.  I don’t want her to think that something tis wrong.  “Well look who decided to get out of bed…”  She comes over to the sofa and plops down next to me.  She tells me that she feels weird and she has a headache.  “I bet!”  Chico is off the phone with Karla and he comes to kiss Cint on top of her head.  This must be their thing.  I swear they kiss all day long.  Jeez!  I am waiting to see what Chic is going to say to her or if he is going to say anything about what just happened.  Being the all star husband that he is, he asks her if she is ok.  She tells him that she has a headache.  She leaves out the fact that she feels weird.  I duly note that one.   He leaves to go pick up our breakfast.

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“Cint, do you remember me coming in the door this morning?”  She cocks her head as if to say ‘why would she remember that?'” I tell her about what happened.  She cries silently.  It is as if some of it she is remembering, but she is clearly confused.  “Nick, I thought that I was having a bad dream.  I didn’t know that this actually happened.  What is happening to me?”  This makes us both cry and I tell her that we are going to get through this no matter what.  I told her that I came in town to cheer her up and to get her out of the house.  She pauses on that one.  “Nicole, I can’t leave this house”.  I look at her just as odd and I tell her that she can go wherever she wants.  I realize that it is in her mind that she can’t leave here.  I see that she is scared and it dawns on me that we definitely need to get this medical team together.  I ask her if she is ok with going to a private mental facility until we can sort things out.  She begs me not to take her to any hospitals.  I agree and I let her know that I promise not to do anything she doesn’t want to do.  God, take the wheel.

I start packing my things from my office.  If Jacinta is in Atlanta and here for good, something is definitely up.  It is more to it than her just being sick.  Something has happened and I am going to get to the bottom of it.  I swing my new Tom Ford satchel over my shoulder and without any notice, I walk straight out of the office.  Everybody doesn’t need to know your every move. I am private like that.  I get to my car and as soon as my blue tooth system is up, “Call Cint”.  The intercom in my car is ringing her number.  I need to hear from Cint that she is ok.  I dial, but I get no answer.  “Navigation”.  I enter the address that Chico has texted me.  “Cint you better be ok.!”

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