In Atlanta XII… Chapter 12

“I said, what the fuck are you doing here?”  I hear the words, but again, I am stuck on what to say to Jordan.   I don’t know what she knows about my current situation nor do I know if she knows that I am even in Atlanta for good.  All I know is that she is raving mad, walking around this hospital room naked with nothing else but a long IV that is stuck to her arm.  I tell her that she needs to calm down.  “Do you know that they have cameras in here monitoring you on a full screen outside?  There is a deputy outside looking like he is ready to have his way with you.  Can you please cover yourself!” I throw the sheet that is on her bed around her neck.   She throws it off.  “I am going to ask you one more time…  What the fuck are you doing here?”  I am now realizing that she isn’t mad with me, but trying to figure out how the hell did I end up in her hospital room. She is still under the impression that I am in the “Doom Room” back in Tampa.  I give her the update.  “Now will you please put this sheet over you?!”

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I press the button for the nurse.  Over the intercom, she asks us what do we need.  Where do they do this at?  “Ma’am, my sister needs new sheets, a hospital gown, socks, and some towels please.  Also, can someone come in here to clean this room and change her IV.”  Jordan gives me the stink eye, but she doesn’t protest my requests.  The intercom comes back on and the nurse says that she will be with us shortly.  I look back to Jordan and it makes me sad. “What happened?”  She doesn’t respond.  It is as if I should already know.  I do.  What confuses people about mental illness are some of the physical issues that come along with it.  When my sister’s triggers are triggered, she can’t physically hold down anything in her system.  Her throwing up repeatedly gets her to the point of dehydration.  Once that sets in, she starts to experience stomach cramps and pains that rant throughout her system.  This sometimes makes her delirious.  Once medical help arrives, she is literally out of her mind.   Most EMT’s will get fluids started and because she has over exerted herself, and is now cursing them out, they take her to the mental medical unit.  I am assuming she took her clothes off while she was vomiting and this is how she ended up the way that she is.  The fact that she is refusing to cover up is what is boggling me.

Some minutes have passed by and still no peep from the nurse.  I ring the bell again.  The same damn nurse comes back on the intercom system as if she doesn’t know why I am beeping her again.  She asks again what do we need.  “My sister is dead, can someone come in here and bring her back to life please?”  Jordan looks at me like I am crazy.  “Why you telling her some shit like that?”  I am clearly trying to see if the nurse is paying attention.  I assume right.  “We will be with you momentarily.”  Unfuckingbelievable!!!  This puts me into fix it and fuck you mode.  I leave the room and approach the nurse’s station.  “Excuse me!”  No one looks up or at least I think I am talking to myself.  I look to my left and the perverted deputy is looking at me.  I roll my eyes and get back to going in on this entire station.  “EXCUSE ME!  Did any of you people not hear me from room five? I said my sister is dead!  Are any of you coming in here to see about her?!”  Without even looking up this bitch comes back in a deep Nigerian accent, “She looks alive to me.  I doubt that she is dead.”  Shit!  I forgot they had real eyes on us. “Sooo…  Does this mean that no one will respond to our requests?  Is there a doctor or head nurse that I can speak with, because obviously none of yall are ready to work today.”  Of course no one even acknowledges my last statement.  “Ok, well since yall don’t want to help me or my sister, let’s see if you will be willing to help my father!”

“Daddy, you need to bring your ass to Atlanta now!”  I give him the run down of the situation and he is pissed.  Joseph Jones is not the one you want to be on the wrong side of the fence with.  It is in your best interest to be on his good list.  I hang up the phone and walk off saying “Right now, you are fucking with the wrong one.”  When I hung up the phone I could already tell that dad was packing his bags.  I go back into the room to sit with Jordan.  She is now crying.  I know that feeling.  I am starting to cry with her.   “I promise you, we are going to get through this!”  My adrenaline has now allowed me to push on and I need it.  It is the only way, I am going to get us through it. I return to the nurse’s station and I advise them that I would like for them to discharge my sister immediately.  If Grady doesn’t want to provide her with the proper medical care, then we will take her to a hospital that will.

I can’t believe that Cint has moved back to the “A” for good!  Shit is going to be on and popping now.  I am still waiting for her to text me her address.  I have friends all over and when my home girl called and told me that she just checked my sister into Dr. Faruque’s office, I was like “No Way!”  No wonder Karla was trying to throw me off.  She has to know that Cint is back for good.  But what is up with this all being hush hush?  With all of the shit she knows about me, especially when I lived in Miami, I can’t understand why she is keeping me in the dark on this.  Something has to be up and if she doesn’t text me in the next fifteen minutes with her address, I am going to have to track her ass down with my Verizon Wireless connect….

Why is Charlie blowing my phone up?  I done told her I would get up with her.  We don’t even speak that much.  I can’t right now.   Fuck it!  “Hey what’s up?”  I can tell that she is excited, Charlie is talking a mile a minute and I am starting to try and understand what she is really saying.  “Karla, I know you know that Cint is back home for good!  What is going on?”  I am not surprised that she has found out that Cint is back.  I am just wondering how she knows and why she thinks that something is wrong.  Either way, she ain’t getting that from me.  I tell Charlie that I got another call coming through that I have to take for work.  She hangs up before I can even say bye.  Let’s just hope that she doesn’t blow this out of proportion and tell the world.

My phone beeps and I see that I have a new text from Daddy.

Daddy:  Jacinta, my flight will land in Atlanta in about five hours. I will send over my itinerary via email.  Make sure that someone is there to pick me up.



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