In Atlanta XXI… Chapter 21

I am glad that we were able to get Jordan to Emory when we did.  When we brought her to the emergency room, doctors and nurses started to work on her immediately.  She was severely dehydrated and ulcers had started to form in the pit of her stomach.  As much as I wanted to flat line anything in or around Grady Hospital, I was just too focused on making sure that my child was ok.  I realize that Jacinta and Jordan are grown.  They have turned out to be extraordinary women despite all of the things that they have been through.  However, since I found out about how neglected they were when I was away, there was and still is a tender spot that will ignite when it comes to these two.  I called myself trying to be the best husband, the best father, the best protector, the best professor, and the best provider.  There really isn’t a book on how to make yourself all of those things. I did the best that I could given the circumstances and even with that, I am now realizing the long term effects as to how their lives have been altered forever.  If nothing else, I will see to it that they have the best medical care and that they are well taken care of.  NO one will ever hurt my children ever again!  Ever!

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Jordan is now resting peacefully.  The doctors gave her some sedatives to calm her down and to help stabilize her blood pressure.  When she was younger, people would tell me that Jordan was the spitting image of me.  As I see her sleeping so softly, she is beginning to look more and more like Julianna.  I always wonder if the kids could see just how much the two of them reminded me of her.  It was as if she spit the two of them right out.  I saw myself in them, but their beauty was definitely a gift from their mother.  I also wonder if things would have been different had our family not been tainted.  I guess with Jordan being 38, that time has come to pass.  Jacinta is sitting on the other side of Jordan’s bedside and as always, she is on high alert to protect her sister.  It has always been this way.  The crazy thing is that Jordan and Jacinta don’t really get along like they used to.  I don’t know what happened between the two of them.  However, when the shit hits the fan , I know that there is no separating the two and you will be damned to step to one of them.  They will have each other’s back and for this I am thankful.  If something were to ever happen to me, I would hope that these two could make things right enough to where they were the way they used to be.  Let’s just hope that we don’t lose one of them before God takes me from this earth.

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Click… Click… Click….I am still on this new idea of moving to Atlanta. I have even started sending over house listings for Caleb to look at.  So far, no response.  This isn’t a bad thing.  I just know that he is thinking about it, before he gives me a response.  I guess this means so far so good and that no news is good news.   Speaking of which, I haven’t gotten a phone call or text from neither Jacinta or Chico in the last few days.  I grab my phone while I am walking through the kitchen to send out a text.  The two of them already know that they have approximately fifteen minutes to respond or I am on the phone with Delta Airlines.  They know I don’t play that “ignore me” bullshit.  It isn’t long before I get a response from Chico.  So far, he is telling me that he can’t talk like he wants to, but he will catch up with me in a minute.  UNACCEPTABLE.  Who does he thinks he is fucking with?  I call his number without even bothering to text him.  That would just be a waste of time.  He already knows how I am, so this shouldn’t be a surprise to him.  “Hey Nicole, What’s up?”  He says this like this is no big deal.  “You tell me!  Why can’t you talk and what is going on with our girl?”  I can hear that he is walking around.  I am sure that he has on some dress shoes with jeans and a French cuff button down.  We have the same tastes in clothes.

Chico starts in by telling me that he thinks that Cint is has been hallucinating or seeing things.  “seeing shit like what?”  He goes on and tells me about Jacinta’s grandmother and how the kitchen was set up when he woke up this morning.  I am also enlightened on the situation with Jordan.  “Damn Chic!  This is a fucking mess!”  To be honest, I didn’t see any hallucinations coming.  I don’t even know what to tell him or how to handle it.   I feel bad.  I have already grabbed my iPad and I am checking on flights to Atlanta.  He must have telepathy because he tells me to not book a flight.  I find out that Joseph is there and he doesn’t have to say anything else.  I put that iPad down with the quickness.  No need in me going into premature labor because Joe is down there acting a fool.

“Chic, you have to get Jacinta to see the Psychiatrist and the Psychologist.  We have to get her on the right track.  This is going to be a hard row to hoe, but we are going to get through this as a family!  Trust and believe it!”  We say our goodbyes and again I start to feel bad about all that is going on with Cint.  I have never seen her… this…. this weak.  She is usually the one that has it together even when she doesn’t have to together.  I hate to see her having to figure out some crazy shit in her head.  When we were at Hampton, I knew that she had some anxiety issues, but hallucinations were never a part of the equation, or at least she never let on that she was having them.  This sounds more of a team effort than a Nicole Binion effort.  I send out a group text to “Elite”.  We need to talk.

“Bitch! Get the fuck up!”  I hear the loud yelling and in my headache tells me that it has been a rough night or maybe a rough few days, who knows.  I could use some blow to get myself together and get my party back on.  This time I feel someone kicking my arm. “Bitch!  I said get the fuck up!”  My eyes flutter open and I have no fucking clue as to where the hell I am.  In my blurry vision, I hear Pocket’s raspy voice.  There is a white lady sitting a chair across the room from me.  She is smoking a cigarette and looks like she is angry.  As I gather my surroundings, it dawns on me that we are not at my house, but we are at Pocket’s and his wife Pinky’s house.   Pinky is the kind of white woman that claims trailer park, but she also thinks that is she black and from the hood.  I am sure that she is pissed that I am here and for all I know, I don’t even know how long I have been here.

Pinky eye’s me hard and repeats the words that Pocket has already stressed.  “Bitch, he said get the fuck up!  We ain’t got all day for you to be laying your hoe ass around!”  I get the message, but I am still flying high in the sky, so they are going to have to give me a second to get the hell up off of this floor.   Pocket reaches down and grabs my arm to pull me up on my feet.  “Look!  Get dressed and get it together.  You and I got to make another run!”  I swear I feel like we are making a run every fifteen minutes.  I can’t enjoy my high to save my life.  I go to the bathroom and run some water across my face.  I finally look up and my once tamed hair is wild and all over my head.   My mascara and my lipstick are smeared too.  “Get it together Julianna, you are going to have to look good in order for this connect to pass you some of that free blow.” I tell myself this as I wipe my face with some toilet tissue.  I don’t even know where my purse is.  I need a fresh coat of lipstick.  My lips look dull the way they are.  I pull the straps from my halter dress to tighten it.  I look at my frazzled head and decide to run my fingers through my silky but curly hair.  I put it into a bun on top of my head.  I give myself the once over and I am out of the door.

We are riding around in a brand new 1978 Cadillac El Dorado.  It is burnt orange with a soft burgundy interior.  As we cruise through the Norfolk streets,  I have the window down and I am blowing smoke from my Virginia Slim cigarette.  Pocket is the man in these here streets and everybody knows me.  I am Julianna Elfano, the hottest chick in Tidewater.  Guys typically throw wallets at me when I walk down the street.  I am the luckiest woman alive.  I a married a successful engineer.  I have a house in Bellamy Manor Estates in Kempsville, and now I am sitting shot gun in Pockets El Dog.  He knows that the connect down at the Long Shore Man docks got a thing for me.  So I am always riding with Pocket to cop his next Kilo.  He gets a good price on the dope and in return I get the high of my life.

Pocket is from Princess Anne County and was given the name Money Pockets when we were in high school.  Not only did he sell dope, but he also worked as a Long Shore Man.  It was nothing for Money Pockets to peel off fifties and hundreds.  This plus the dope had all these folks going crazy.  I guess you can call me crazy too.  I was smitten by him  I didn’t give a shit about his wife and she knew it.  Hell, she ain’t my friend. We pulled into our normal spot and waited for the plug.  He knew he had some time to kill, so we let the seats back and I let Pocket have his way with me.  And Lord knows he knew his way around.  We hear the sound of another car pulling through the gravel parking lot and instead of Pocket pulling out, he kept smashing me until he came.   We didn’t give a damn who saw us.  This time Pipe, our connect, had someone with him in the car.  The sun was bright and at first I didn’t get a glimpse of the other guy’s face.  “Julianna! Is that you?”  Who the fuck was this and how in the hell did he know who I was?  I get a closer look and it is my cousin Waverly.  “Julianna!  What the fuck are you doing here?”  Pocket is not having it.  Not only do I think he thinks that this is some other dude that I am messing with, but he would be damned to mess up any business that Pocket had with Pipe.  I get in the middle and explain that this was my cousin Waverly.   “You better get your bitch to back up! Pipe, I ain’t with you bringing no body round here I don’t know!”  Pipe is a calm dude.  Dressed to the nines.  Always been a calm dude.  You will never really know what Pipe is thinking or how he will react to a situation.  “Hey Waverly, give me a moment with my man.  Wait for me in the car.”  Waverly starts to walk to the passenger’s side of Pipe’s Lincoln.  Before he gets in he yells at me.  “Julianna, I better not find out that you done left them kids alone again!”

SHIT!  Jacinta and Jordan!

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