In Atlanta XXXXII… Chapter 42

Bang! Bang! Bang!  Whoever the fuck this is knocking at my door better be ready to catch one in the lip.  Sounding like the police or something.  I swing the door open ready to knock out whoever it is banging on my door like that.  Before I can even think of swinging, Big Daddy has his pistol to my face.  My hands are up in the air and I am mad at myself for even thinking that I can bring hands to a gun fight.  I should’ve known from the knock on the door that this was some bullshit and I should have come to the door ready.  Now I am looking down the barrel of a damn pistol.  “Good Morning!  I see that you are up bright and early, Mother Fucker!  Where is Julianna?”  Big Daddy obviously didn’t come here to play no games.  Shit, Julianna aint even worth this damn hassle.  “Julianna!!  Get the fuck out of that damn bathroom!!!  Your Uncle is here!”  I look back at the gun that has not moved an inch since I opened the door.   “I see you still don’t have any God damn manners.”   I feel the butt of the gun go upside my head and a trickle of blood flows down my face.  Julianna has to know that I will kill her over this shit right here.

I hear Pocket yelling at me to come out of the bathroom.  I am still trying to get myself together.  I still feel horrible about the kids.  Maybe I can get Pocket to drive me around and help me find them.  What the fuck am I thinking.  He hates those kids.  I pull my hair into a bun on top of my head and I leave the bathroom.  Nothing could prepare me for what I was about to walk into.  Pinky is clearly in her lane and not moving.  I look up at the front door only to see Big Daddy with a gun in Pocket’s face.   Fuck!!!  This can’t be a good thing.  Especially for me.   “Julianna, get your stuff and let’s go!”  I aint stupid.  As much as I am feeling some kind of way that Pocket has a gun in his face, I know good and damn well that I need to do as I am told.  It’s as if I am seven years old again.  I run to get my things and I slide by Pocket and Big Daddy to head to Big Daddy’s El Dorado.  I can feel the burn of Pocket’s eyes on my back and I know that there will be hell to pay for this stunt that Big Daddy has stepped to him with.

Once Julianna is out of the house, I take the opportunity to confront Pocket about the kids.  “I am in somewhat of a bad mood, Pocket.  I hate feeling like this.”  I point the gun towards the sofa and invite this fool to sit on his own damn couch.  His bitch is sitting still not say a word and she knows fucking better.  I decide to sit on a chair that is in the corner of their den.  I still have the gun pointed at Pocket.  He aint but so damn stupid.  He knows not to make any kind of wrong move.  He knows that I am a damn good shot and my reputation precedes itself in these streets.  He better be ready to tell me what the hell he has done with these kids.  “So Pocket, I hear that you have been hosting ‘parties’ at my niece’s house.  I also hear that Julianna is having a hard time locating the whereabouts of her kids.  Do you know anything about that?”  I can tell that he is pissed to no end, but I don’t give a damn.  He better start talking.  “Look, all I know is that she puts the kids in the damn closet of their bedrooms. I aint touched them brats!”  To refer to those babies as brats pisses me off.  To let him know this, I decide to let off a couple of rounds above his head just to let him know that I am not the one to fuck with.  He jumps like hell and his pregnant woman urinates herself.   I tell him thanks for the info and I head to the door.    Before I exit, I let him know….  “So just so that we understand each other.  I am going to need you to stay the hell away from my family.  Stay away from my daughter Joan, my son Billy, my niece Julianna, and for your life and the life of the rest of your family’s…  Stay the hell away from those kids.  I need you to understand the fire that you are playing with…  Yall have a nice day”  With that, I am out of this shit hole of a townhouse.

I sit inside of Big Daddy’s car and a wave of so many emotions rush over me.  I am anxious.  I am scared.  I don’t know what the hell I am doing.  I don’t even know where the hell my kids are.  I try to light a cigarette, but can’t get the match to act right.  As I am all in a fuss, Big Daddy gets into the driver’s side and cranks up the car.  We slowly pull out of the driveway as if nothing has occurred inside of the house with Pocket.  “Big Daddy, you know there is going to be hell to pay for what just happened.  I know that you are known for your antics, but know that Pocket is not a punk either.  He is going to have my ass for this stunt.”  Big Daddy slowly pulls the car over to the side of the road.  “Julianna, how can a woman like yourself think so highly of a shit head ass boy.  There is nothing about him that says ‘I am a man’!  Nothing!  You have a wonderful husband that works his ass off to make sure that you and those beautiful children that you have are well taken care of.  The real question is…  What the fuck is wrong with you?”  With that statement, I take that blow to the chin.  He is more than right.  What the fuck is wrong with me?  “Big Daddy, I need help finding my babies.  Can you help me?”  He pulls off and heads towards Virginia Beach Boulevard.  “Why do you think I am here?”  With that we go on a serious search.

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I was finally able to pick out an outfit for the day.  I am putting the final touches of lipstick to my lips when I hear the telephone ringing.  I stop to answer the phone and I hear my sister Angeline on the line.  She calls me Lea, which is short for my real name Leactrice.  My mother had her way with names.  I sigh, “Why Angeline, what do I owe the pleasure of receiving a phone call from you.”  I wait for her to go through her thoughts of how great life is with the “Good Doctor”.  I know that this is some bullshit, but she does this to make herself sound better than what she actually is.  Everybody doesn’t have a “Big Daddy”, so I usually let her just go through her antics.   Halfway through her rants, I decide to ask her about Julianna and the girls.  Just curious to see if she was just oblivious and caught up in herself so much that she didn’t care.

“Angeline, glad to hear all is going well with you and the Good Doctor.  Have you heard from Julianna and the girls?”  There is somewhat of a pause and I take that as if she knows something but doesn’t want to air out her dirty laundry.  “Well, Lea I really haven’t spoken with her in a few days now.  Maybe I will ride by her house to see how she and the kids are doing.”  This act of hers is beginning to piss me off.  I take a More cigarette and light it.  “Angeline, are you going to cut the shit or do I need to tell you what it is that you don’t want to tell me?”  The line is quiet again.  So I start in on her.  “Do you know that Julianna can’t find the kids?!  Do you know she left my house with that no good Pocket?  What the hell is going on?”  I can tell that she is frustrated.

“Listen Lea, there is a lot that I am sure is just a misunderstanding.  So don’t go judging me and my family.  I bet you are over there talking with the enemy as we speak.  I am sure my husband’s ex-wife is filling you up with a bunch of lies.  It is a damn shame to have a sister who listens more to other people than she does me!”  What in the hell is she talking about?  What does Mignon have anything to do with this.  Don’t get me wrong.  I really like Mignon Garrett.  I think what happened between her and my now new brother in law was really messed up.    Angeline was just stupid enough to blurt out her obvious news.  “So Angeline, you mean to tell me that you don’t know what is going on?”  “Look all I know is that Ms. Burris called me saying that the kids were home by themselves when she went over to clean and that Julianna wasn’t there.  I told her to wait on Julianna and that was that.  I am sure that Julianna is back at home with the kids now.”  How big of a bitch can you really be?  I don’t understand how we even have the same parents.  There is no way in hell.  I mean no way in hell I would receive a phone call like that and not be in my car on my way to get my grandchildren.  I am so fed up, I just hang up.

“Momma, the social worker is telling me that I need to get a good lawyer.  It doesn’t seem like they are just going to let me walk out of this place with Jacinta and Jordan.”  By this time, Jordan has fallen asleep.  “Well then Joseph, we aint leaving here without them.  I am going to sit right here with my babies.  No one will ever leave them again.  Not on my watch.  Find a comfortable chair.  Get a good night’s rest as best you can.  Tomorrow you get up and find that good lawyer.  Get ready.  I am going to take these kids and protect them going forward.  We are going to do this as a family IN ATLANTA!”

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