Okay, so this is the tiny print, that I made larger so that you could actually read it.  Figured Out is a blog that is designed to appeal to many walks of life and diversity.  It is with this hope that while I am telling the world all of my business and feeding them my grandmother’s solution meals, while making sure that you are a part of that journey as well.

Please understand that I am a strong supporter of those that are loyal and honest to me.  I will do my very best to ensure that my readers are paying attention to what you have to offer.

Figured Out Advertising Rates:

  • Text Ads for other bloggers and small businesses- $100 per month
  • Weekly Sponsorship Ads (This is for the ones that are truly supporting the blog’s message and provide products or services to readers via their link) – $200 per week
  • Monthly graphic advertisements- Market Price (depending on size and ad content, this is actually a good bang for your buck.)- $350-$600 monthly
  • Medical Education Sites- Free!
  • Shout outs- Free!